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  1. A review of AYP from an ex practitioner

    "...when the light circulates, the energies of the whole body appear before its throne, as, when a holy king has established the capital and has laid down the fundamental rules of order, all the states approach with tribute; or as, when the master is quiet and calm, men-servants and maids obey his orders of their own accord, and each does his work. Therefore you have only to make the light circulate: that is the deepest and most wonderful secret. The light is easy to move, but difficult to fix. If it is made to circulate long enough, then it crystallizes itself; that is the natural spirit-body. This crystallized spirit is formed beyond the nine heavens. It is the condition of which it is said in the Book of the Seal of the Heart: "Silently thou fliest upward in the morning". -Secret of the Golden Flower, T’ai I Chin Hua Tsung Chih The most fundamental "meditation" needed is the circulation of light. It is simple. Focus on the "skyline" heavenly yang descending into your crown chakra. Focus on the "earthline" divine yin entering through your perineum. Focus on this two poles and allow them to flow through your body while maintaing an awarness of both flows of movement. We call this a "light bath". Further detail: The Skyline travels down the "ren mai" governer vessel (down the anterior midline of the body) The earthline travels up the "du mai" conception vessel. (up the spinal cord, up the posterior midline) Wee
  2. Past lives

    I agree with what other people have said. Focus on your practice and this will come naturally. I do have this to add: -Be very attentive to your dreams. Notice the different qualities of lucidity and feeling you have in your dreaming state. Notice any pecularities that stand out. Some of my past lives have been revealed to me through my dreams - good and bad- especially the traumatic ones I must heal. How do I know which dreams are fancy and which are the souls remembering? The energetic "quality" of the dream and what spirit has to say. I do not know if you are prone to "visionary" states. spontaneous visuals and hallucinations in waking life. But some people I meet will trigger past life regressions just by being around them.
  3. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    This has become embarrassingly spiteful. This is the kind of masculine intellectual masturbation I cannot *abide . There is no right or wrong way. How hilariously dualistic to think so. It is the height of insecurity to put down others. End of story, end of thread (for me). There is a lesson here, somewhere. Thank you for everyone who posted here promoting an open and enlightened discussion.
  4. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Chiforce, consider this. It is NOT easy living in this realm. There is a good deal of suffering all around us, a lot of work to be done in each and every incarnation - a lot of healing. Some of the most powerful spirits have incarnated into a body here for this reason. Because the rewards for this work here and now are immense. Timeless. A purity to match the most insidious darkness. What is the reward? The work itself, perhaps. Who knows? To be blunt, there are many spirits who cannot, will not commit to such a heavy load. Much easier to be where they are, looking in.. So many of them have their fingers wet in this realm. Good and bad. Lots of the time I won't take a request or suggestion until they "put a body in front of me." Show me someone who has COMMITTED themselves to the journey here. Then I will take the message seriously. This is not always the case but I have done so in the past.
  5. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Yes. This is just my experience. Making any solid pronouncements in these realms is certainly folly. I hear spirits. Sometimes I see them and feel them, too. We are spirits also. Just because another entity is not in a physical body does not make it any less or greater than us. just a spirit like you and me, in some cases they are more unified and incrompehisible than you or me. But speaking to them is like listening to water flow, and my dialogue with them is very clear and concise and usually complemented with a vibrational "voice" that they use to communicate their intent with energy overlaying the words. Conciousness is like a T.V. antenna. Our "small mind" is connected to the "Great Mind" their are many channels in this great minds. Many stations. These are, in some cases, "spirits." But making pacts with spirits as I did and do is an ancient tradition. BOUNDARIES are extremely important. Look at summonig circles and esoteric western magick. When you engange in an exchange with a spirit there is just that, an exchange. Making it clear what you want and don't want is very important. Before I learned this I had my conciousness invaded several times. Pushed down stairs, dunked under water, and couldn't tell between the different voices in my head, who was me, who was God? Like I said, not all spirits are good or great. In the case I mentioned the mechanics were something like this: Fire Elemental speaks to me, it's conciousness is very connected to source. It is an elemental conciousness. It opens my kundalini, affecting physical and psychic change in my body. Because it is coming from a place of compassion it checks in with me and my nervous system which it is affecting "How far do you want to go (How much change can I initiate in your Central Nervous System without you breaking down or "burning out" it implies?) "Not all the way, I am not ready" >> Spirit complies, doing the work I had agreed to on some unconcious soul level and leaving me opened but not discombobulated. This was my FIRST time really really knowing what I was communicating with. I have learned a lot since then and am continuing to. Everyones connection is different.
  6. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Well Dragon it was simple. The goal is not advancement or ability. That is hunger. Why did I not want to ascend fully, in that moment? It was not my time. There are many moments. I was with my parents in the woods. I did not want to separate my human awareness there, and then. They have no grasp on these realms and I would rather not be evaluated and drugged. I was a minor nd still subject to their authority. This was the first clear communion I received. The path of the human is a powerful one. I simply chose to walk it awhile longer. Push push push and you will end up a "burn out." You often hear of this about people you have taken too much LSD. But it is very possible without drugs as well. That is why there is a spiritual science. If you take too much on at once and push too hard you will cause brain damage.. This isn't a dash to the finish line. It's a leisurely walk, slow and powerful. The shamanic path is one that has called me many times. Yet requires a full cross over into spirit. Not just "projection." You give up a portion of your humanity to commune fully with these realms in body and spirit. I will walk as a human, on my path of cultivation, awhile longer. It is not merely profound clairvoyance that makes a shaman. It is a pact with the unknown.
  7. I dare not eat meat.

    I just have been shifting my diet around A LOT to find the optimal balance for me. I was vegan for 3-4 months. My crown chakra started to feel "off", like it's axis wasn't laying right. I was keeping up with my practice so I figured it must be my diet- I ate some sushi and felt much better. Threw some fish into my diet. Mind I eat damn good on about 200 dollars a month, sometimes 300 for food. All organic. Nuts, seeds, and herbs everyday. No processed fake meat or anything. And then I started to study chinese medicine (basics). In TCM you want the proper balance of hot a cold foods in your diet. I live in the pacific northwest of America. It can be pretty chilly here most of the time. Definitely a cold climate. Well almost all fruits veggies beans legumes have cold chi. that coupled with the cold chi of my environment meant that it could be adversely affecting me. Well my joints HAD been bugging me recently, along with my tendons. The martial arts school I am starting to train with suggest I include beef or venison in my diet for it's warming qualties. The only significant veggies with hot or warming chi I found were kale and mustard greens, but you still have to at least ligtly steam them first. Lucky for me I was eating kale and garlic and ginger everday. BUT ginger and garlic can burn up healthy chi if taken in excess. I decided I still was turned off most meat but decided I would include bone broth (beef or lamb bones) in my diet for the amazing health benefits + unique jingchi. Cooking some as we speak. I will see how my body reacts! http://www.jadeinstitute.com/jade/bone-broth-health-building.php
  8. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Thank you everyone with the practical advice, I will keep up my work! A dedicated cultivation practice is all it takes, Spirit will unwind the rest. My "kundalini" awoke when I was 17 - quite the experience! I was sitting by a campfire ( sober) and all of a sudden a voice entered my consciousness: "your visions are a gift from god" "huh" I thought, "who is this" "it is I" Spoke the fire. Immediately my attention went into the flames. I sunk deeper and deeper into the coals. My hands and feet grew lighter, my awareness constricted like spandex. A beam of light strung with glowing seeds leapt from the flame, bursting into my belly button. A golden snake rocketed up my spinal cord consuming my consciousness. The voice of the flame spoke again: "I am here, ascension is now - how far do you want to go? I will take you there" This rung and echoed in my head, as more of the light licked up my spine. I had been speaking to spirits my whole life. But without realizing it. This was the first time it was explicitly clear. I was afraid. I had read of yogis who went crazy from kundalini awakenings. So I told it: "Not all the way, I am not ready." The spirit complied, planting it's awareness in my mind for a few more minutes before receding, and exiting my body through my belly button. It is interesting someone mentioned that they saw as I child and then a trauma had it "closed" I am pretty sure something of this sort happened to me because when I look to my earliest memories I see a lot of streams of light and spirits and ghosts flitting in my childhood memory, I chalked it up to "imagination" until I started seeing this again. A open communication with Deity helps tremendously in my journey. Also: Who said anything about pills. I am not an LSD advocate. But just as I take herbs for my health I will take plants with psychoactive properties. They do not "dirty" the body. Far from it. It is also intrinsically alien and different experience than that of meditation. The spirits and chi that live in these psychoactive plants are entities and healers in their own right. You are not taking a drug to get "high" and experience heightened mental states. You are temporarily fusing your consciousness with another - the deva or spirit of the medicine plant. Together you go on a transformational journey. If you imbibe with reverence the caretakers of these resonances aid in unwinding your karmic experience share some of their vibrational reality, even planting technique and awareness in your energy fields. Those that have not experienced the medicine or seen the poison these medicines will purge cannot speak. For they are ignorant of such things. This not a bad thing - they simply are speaking from ignorance. Why assume authority on something you have no authority over. But yes - you must be careful. These medicines care little for the human physical condition - they are alien to our physical bodies. They will warn you if you abuse them, but if you are disconnected from Spirit many will not heed their warnings. Tread carefully, with reverence! I suggest you research native and traditional practices on such things if you are interested. It is a path I have tread but not often, a couple times a year at most. Not for my whole life for sure. ANYWAY Love love love Thank you thank you
  9. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    LSD Is synthetic and I do not advocate the use of synthetic hallucinogens. It produces extreme mind altering states of consciousness (though nothing as extreme as trance reached through sober meditation) which is very beneficial if you temper it with a spiritual practice to support consciousness exploration. If you are interested in using hallucinogens to open your consciousness I suggest using organic compounds: Psilocybe mushrooms, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Salvia Divinorum. All of these are naturally occurring plant medicines that cause hallucinatory consciousness. I prefer DMT or ayahuasca (which contains DMT). It occurs naturally in the body and does not leave you with a "hang over" feeling afterwords. It is realeased in the pineal gland during deep sleep at night. The pineal gland is the seat of the third eye. In fact, almost every organic lifeform on this planet contains trace amounts of DMT and the shamans of South America have been taking it for thousands of years. ....but my intent was to find other members of this forum gifted with spiritual sight. Something more detailed than "maybe you should take some psychedelics" So I would like to call again: Anyone with concrete experience that can help?
  10. Opening the Third Eye: Spiritual Sight

    Thanks Formless! That is exactly what I was looking for. Accounts of people who have gone through a similar process. As for the use of psychedelics I can say this: No they won't open your third eye permanently, if you were not born with this gift it takes dedication and must be tempered in ordinary reality. Not that psychedelics won't help, they are just not a "stable" means of achievement. Cultivation first, then exploration. Psychedelics are for exploration not long term cultivation in my opinion. I would love to start another topic on psychadelics but I am looking for more practical advice tempered in real life situations. Such as: Mountain, how has LSD effected your ordinary reality experiences since taking it?
  11. A journey of awakening.

    Mmmhm. Recently in my dreaming I am in great huge libraries. These places are like labyrinths often with other occupants sometimes not. I open books and step into different layers of dreaming and they often contain images that leave impressions in my mind. The library always looks different but I wonder if it is simply the "akashic records" of which so many talk about. The other interesting thing that happens to me is that I often astral project or move into higher realms of dreaming while dreaming. After my experience in this "higher realm" (which is often more vivid that the previous) I will "wake up" into my previous dream and recollect my experience. Here is an example from a couple nights ago: My perspective is in 3 parts. One observing, the other two acting. There is an androidbeside me, face and body the same shape as my own but the texture of his skin is filled with blinking lights and coils of computer-chip jargon. As I move the android moves, trapped in an endless cycle. The third observing perspective moves into my organic one. The android must be fooled. We lie down, and I send a visualization, a wave of perception that peels apart my vision and opens into the androids own mine. Suddenly birds eye, the android is walking on a endless shore. The tide comes in, starting at the ankles but slowly moving up and up. The android continues walking but is quickly becoming submerged in water. Eventually the ocean brinks the androids head. As soon as the head is breached my awareness shoots upward, into pulsating blue rings of light and color. The feeling is indescribable. There is no "I" no body, only the awareness of this realm of light and sound. Eventually I feeling a downward sensation, my awareness plummets through the rings and back into my sleeping body, the android lays beside me.
  12. I wanted to start a practical discussion group on third eye phenomenon. I experience seeing colors and lights in my internal an external environments. I wanted to know other people with this "clairvoyant" sight and when it appeared, how it felt, and what helped refine and expand this vision. My experience is as follows: -A violet or purple light when I close my eyes and begin meditation, which often gets brighter as the meditation continues and shifts color. -Patterns of violet, green, yellow, and red light morphing in my external environment, especially visible against blank surfaces (ceilings, walls). -Flashes of pink and violet light in my peripheral vision when I do Qi Gong. -Flashes of violet light in my peripheral before and resulting in out of body experience. -A white glow surrounding individuals with flashes of colors along certain portions of their body (all colors in the spectrum show) -Complex patterns of light and geometry that last for brief, yet impressionable, seconds during meditation or trance states. What helps brings on these effects is a nice relaxed state during mediation, while I am bathing or in the shower, during gi gong, a bodywork session, or even when I am simply being attentive in my everyday life. I would like to expand this vision so I can see a wider range of color in the aura, and into the energetic and spiritual bodies of things (not just outside aura). This started happening to me 2 years ago and has just gotten more and more vivid. I just turned 20 last month. What are your experiences? I would love more advanced practitioners and visionaries to share their insight into this spiritual organ as well as reports from novices like myself. How old were you when in started, what were you doing? What helped expand it? Any tidbit of wisdom to share?
  13. A journey of awakening.

    My my what an active soul! Hello! I am new here as well. I would first like to saw that my experience is similar to yours. Different, but similar. The active dreaming, interacting with Spirits and other humans in the dream state. Sensitivity to energy, violet rings around the third eye etc. I also se eshifting patterns of violet, blue, and sometimes green and yellow especially on blank surfaces when I am calm. I see rings of white energy around people that pulse with faint colors lke red yellow blue etc. Somtimes everything around me is one solid color, usually pink or violet. What does this mean? Is my third eye opening? When will it open fully? I really wonder. Maybe I will post about it. I am wondering also how old you are? I just turned 20 last month (pisces) I would love to talk about our journey more!
  14. Crash Course Intuition!

    Hello All. well there could be a lot to say or I could just say a little. I am dedicated to my life path and am commited to deeper levels of understanding. I have recently began practicing gi qong, starting to practice xingyi and studying chinese medicine and bodywork (tui na). I am a massage therapist. My budding intuitive sense and experience of God (transpersonal chi) is growing and I am schlepping of old layers of conciousness and movingthrough a rebirthing process. blablalbla Anyway I hope to share my radical expereince of life with other radicals. Yipee! -I also study magick, meditation, lucid dreaming, out of body experience, and energy work/cultivation- Hope to have to some interesting discussions here! edit: Oh oh and I love herbalism and just starting to study the chinese herbs. Also I am interested in commuting with Spirits. I often talk to spirits and have guides in the form of animals that come to me and share energy with me. Would love to talk to people who also communicate with the otherside.