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  1. A Poem : "TAO"

    Thank you Chidragon....
  2. A Poem : "TAO"

    I did not mean to make such an issue with my statement. I don not live in NYC there is a whole state outside it..... I live in a small city in central New York state. The point of this post was first , the poem , seecond my gratefulness for Tao Bums as a community.
  3. A Poem : "TAO"

    Thank you for your kind words chenping. That would be awesome if Chidragon could do that. I am so thankful I have found Tao Bums. Its nice to be around other Taoist. I live in an area where there are no other Taoist.... May you all members be blessed!
  4. A Poem : "TAO"

    Tao here , Tao there , Without name , Tao is everywhere , Caught in a cosmic game... Tao is beyond words , Invisible to the naked eye , Master , Mistress , Lady , Lord , Incomprehensible to the mind. Tao is more than infinity , An elusive butterfly , Deeper than the deepest sea , Beyond the blue sky.....
  5. BC

    I thank you for sharing this film with all of us. This humble Buddhist monk should be an inspiration to us all. Cultivating our spiritual self is wonderful. Yet , it means nothing if we do not act upon our cultivated spirits. Faith without works are dead....
  6. I am Awake.

    The real question is what am I awake to?
  7. The Ultimate Tao, In One Simple Statement

    I take from this that life is choice , we can choose to partake in activities which cultivate life/Tao. Or we can choose to do things which are not in our best interest and thus bring death closer. By saying everything else is a distraction that obscures one true reality/Tao is showing us that our one and only true activity in this incarnation is to pursue the only reality which is the Tao. Everything else in life is just filler , if you will. Daily as Taoist we must make a strong effort to cultivate The Tao in our hearts and minds. Thus, we can achieve reunion...
  8. Hello from a novice taoist...

    Greetings to all! I just joined today and am hoping this will be beneficial to all of us. I come from a Bahai background and came into the Tao through personal research. I have always been drawn to Asian culture since childhood. I began studying with Grand Master Alex Anatole and The temple of Original Simplicity. For myself I am drawn more to the Religion of Taoism. I have joined hoping you all may be able to assist me in my growth as a Taoist. May the Jade Emperor bless you all....