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  1. Eva Wong Qigong training

    This is for TzuJanLi. I am not aware of Eva Wong's connection to the International Taoist Taichi Society. I will look into it. What do you know about that connection?
  2. Eva Wong Qigong training

    I have studied with Eva Wong since 2008. She tells us to trust the tea not the teapot— that she is merely the conduit, which has helped me focus on what I want to focus on: the practice itself. Proof, pudding, etc. I have yet to meet someone I would consider to be a true master, one in whom I could put my complete trust and devotion, nor do I think that is necessary. I have studied with a number of teachers, and in my experience, they are either fairly unrealized, or come with quite interesting personality... quirks. Having said all that, I would like to meet a true master one day, and I hope I would be able to recognize their mastery. Nominations welcome! I continue to study with Eva Wong because of the practice itself.
  3. Hello, pleas help

    Dear Saso I believe you are misinterpreting what daoist sexual practices are about. If you truly want to please your partner, I humbly suggest you follow this column: <http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/SavageLove?oid=16403197> Meanwhile, practicing daoist qigong diligently will help you physically overall.
  4. newby signing in

    Hello to all. I am a student and practitioner of daoist qigong and sitting meditation. I study with a particular teacher (more on that later), but do not consider myself to have a master/teacher in the traditional sense. (Nor can I always master myself!) Perhaps one day I will find such a teacher. Meanwhile, I practice and study.