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  1. MT

    From Chapter Twenty: "Others have more than they need, but I alone have nothing. I am a fool. Oh, yes! I am confused. Other men are clear and bright, But I alone am dim and weak. Other men are sharp and clever, But I alone am dull and stupid. Oh, I drift like the waves of the sea, Without direction, like the restless wind. Everyone else is busy, But I alone am aimless and depressed. I am different. I am nourished by the great mother." Sounds like you are looking in the right place in being here. I didn't always have a feathered nest, or a family to care for. There was a time when this was me and like you, I wanted none of the trappings that mundane life brings. Even still I struggle with where I have ended up as it is in contrast to my reclusive nature. Do what your gut tells you to do. If that's seeking wealth and comfort, seek wealth and comfort. If that's becoming a hermit in the mountains, go be a hermit in the mountains. If that's devoting your life to charity for others, then do so. If reading the TTC makes sense to you, then consume it as you follow your instinct. The path for each of us is different.
  2. MT

    No, its not pathetic. We are all in the same boat as for the planet Earth bit. Being stuck however, is a frame of mind/point of view that can be changed. Freedom of thought allows us to expand what our mind is capable of perceiving and the Tao has been the gateway to that capability for me. No matter how mundane this existence is, I can focus on those words and escape the bonds that would otherwise be an incredibly oppressive reality. Once you know what you're seeking, obtaining it is a matter of practice. For me, I seek equilibrium/balance. I seek singular simplicity in a sea of endless complexity.
  3. MT

    The answer to that question isn't for me, but for you. I'm not asking that question OF you, I'm asking that question FOR you. If you know the answer already and are willing to share it, you can respond on many levels (spiritual, mental, physical) and I am interested in hearing whatever you have to say.
  4. MT

    @chenping - what do you seek?
  5. Hi All

    When I was 16 my best friend and I bought each other books for Christmas one year. He bought me a book on palmistry and I bought him the Tao Te Ching (not knowing what it was.) After a few weeks it became obvious that we preferred the books we had bought for the other person over the one that we had received, so we swapped the books back. 18 years later we both have healthy happy families. My friend is no palm reader, and I'm no Taoist master, but I still aspire to be. I'm a Christian who found that the Tao perfectly compliments (if not completes) the Bible (for me at least.) I'm always amazed at the simplicity and profound meaning I find in each chapter. I'm glad to find a diverse community of people who treasure The Way and look forward to learning more.