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    Hello I'm 23 yrs old, french guy. Interested since forever by so-called "spiritual matters". Practicing quite seriously since 5 years, with more or less effects. I was very imerged in the teachings known as the "law of attraction" and changing your mind/ vibration for the 3 first years. I practice semen retention (not perfectly) since 3 years i think. Did a good bunch of kung fu for one and half a year, with a real monk teacher! Achieved concrete eyesight healing As you can see i am quite a serious dude, and willing to stay so. Okay that is a short introduction for me, and i'm here to discuss about semen retention, building up energy and intuition, and i am very much interested in knowing more about "advanced" yin yang theory, as i think i have grasped the basics. If you can tell me about a very good book ont hese matters, i am interested.