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Connection to Oneself

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How does one connect on a spiritual level with themselves? Personally, I believe Meditation is one way to achieve this. All of us go through life struggling to find ourselves. We always ignore the power our minds and bodies possess. We take advantage of them by: smoking, drinking, partying, eating junk food, drinking soda, using drugs and other unnecessary things. Why do we think in the long run, our bodies and minds will take care of us, if we are not taking care of them right now?



A body is like a flower, if not nurtured in particular way, will continue to die. Our bodies are such works of Art; it is amazing when people ignore their own. Taking the bodies for granted is like taking love for granted. If you continue doing so, consequences will arise.


Mind is like a caterpillar, if not guided by nature it will cease to exist; nor will it become a butterfly. The mind is an array of spider webs all connected to one another. The mind and body are closely interconnected; some even wonder if mind and body are the same. I can see both sides of the spectrum, but I would say they could be both. They can interconnect and separate anytime they desire. It is like energy connecting with a human being who is born and then continues flowing like rhythm, when human passes on.


It is also important to understand that if you ignore yourself, by not developing oneself through meditation, reading, running and other activities the mind cannot exist. The only reason you are here is because your higher self created the reality that you live in now. You chose to be here and continue wanting to stay here.

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