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Equinox September 2021

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September Equinox
22 September 2021 19:21 UTC


there are two Equinoxes every year . . .
one in September and one in March

the September Equinox is the moment the Sun 'appears to cross' the celestial equator from North to South


we know . . .
the earth’s rotation causes day and night
the earth’s revolution creates the seasons 
and the earth’s tilt of approximately 23.5 degrees creates Opposite Seasons


so, during the the following months
this tilt will cause 
the South to face more directly towards the Sun 
and the North to face further away from the Sun

this video simulation was recorded on 22 September 2021 at 19:21 UTC
the time at which the Sun was directly above the celestial equator
note the terminator is a vertical line straight down


Equinox on a Spinning Earth shows seasonal changes for an entire year in twelve seconds


the way of heaven is like the flexing of a bow
the high it presses down
the low it raises
from those with a surplus it takes away
to those without enough it adds on
therefore the way of heaven
is to reduce the excessive and increase the insufficient

  ~ extract from Dao de Jing 77


may you have a wonderful year
may the ancestors shower you with wisdom

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