How to Develop 1) Loving-Kindness / Benevolence (Metta) 2) Compassion (Karuna) 3) Empathetic Joy (Mudita) 4) Equanimity (Upekkha) towards your most hated enemies?   It's easy to celebrate the success of those around us when things are also going well in our own lives. But the universe has a way of throwing us curve balls just as someone close to us nails a major accomplishment.   It is even worse when your most hated enemy keeps getting accomplishments in his or her life while you keep falling down.   1) Your enemy receives the promotion he was up for just as you fall victim to a round a layoffs.   2) A baby shower invite arrives after another failed attempt to conceive.   3) Your ex-wife moves in with her significant other as you're calling it quits with your current wife.   4) What’s that slight sting when the guy/gal who you really weren’t even that “in” to, looks better than the last time you saw them?   5) What is that unsettling, unexplainable peace that comes with someone else’s failure, turmoil, or misfortune?     6) When people tell me their good news or great fortune, I’m happy for them—on the surface. Internally, I’m focused on what their good news means for me.   7) When my enemy scored an awesome summer position, I was annoyed because I still had no plans.   8) When an enemy received rave reviews from our boss, I was jealous and resentful, thinking I deserved just as much praise.   Please Share Your Stories of How You Cultivate Most Positive Emotions Towards Your Most Hated Enemies Who Hurt You The Most.