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Response to the Carpathian retreat 2013

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Response to the Carpathian retreat 2013 of a student of Daoist School Zhen Dao Pai.


"When planning to go for a retreat in a traditional style, I was a little nervous, because my daily meditations at that moment took less than 2 hours, and one year of practice is not that much. But when I arrived, I was charmed by the Carpathian nature, and all my worries became not so important. I had been to the Carpathians earlier, but it never was that far from a civilization. Here, the building, which we lived in, was the only building in the nearby area, and to come here one would need a lorry or a very good jeep.

The first night, I felt that if I do not merge with Dao and fully open myself to Heaven and Earth, my resistance would cause only troubles. I tried to clear my head and relax.

The first meditation was great. Meditations and Zhan Zhuang always go better in the open air rather than in a building. So, after the first meditation, I had a feeling that ...


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