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I am interested in getting some feedback on a possible line of study. As an English speaker I have trouble following the intended metaphor of much of the Taoist literature. it is my assertion that not knowing the nuances of the parent language of the writings, I am unable to transfer the meanings to the moment. I read the translations done by Cleary and although it seems the words are carefully chosen so as to convey original intent of the authors "I feel" as though there are meanings beyond what I can recognize. this brings me up to the topic I want to discuss. the work of the stoic philosophers. I have found that the work of Epictetus is easy to understand in the context which I am used to learning, as I read the work many of the intended meanings in the tao classics become lucid to me. the metaphor included in the enchiridion seems much more pertinent to life here in this part of the world. I have been studying the work of Marcus A. and I see much of the stoics influence in his "meditations". the questions I pose are simple, is this a safe way to study? do these two philosophies really have the cross over that I see or am I accepting poison in the form of honey? the words sound sweet, but bitter poison can be covered with enough sugar to fool the most sensitive pallet. appreciation for all feedback, peace. Jove

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