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All things arise due to causes and conditions.

I often recommend that people find a teacher if they are serious about pursuing their path, because a human life is too valuable and too short, that one cannot afford to be wasted.

Then how do you know if someone is the right teacher for you? Yuanfen 缘份 plays very big part of your choice. Yuanfen is an invisible connection between two people for any relationship according to Chinese philosophy. The choice of teacher and the choice of teaching or practice are also tied to Yuanfen. Yuan gives you a chance for the encounter. Fen fruit from the attraction force of the encounter. Lack of Yuan, you will not encounter. Lack of Fen, the encounter doesn't bring any near result. A little Fen, carries some, but not lasting result.

If we do not have a good Yuanfen to connect with a good teacher, what can we do to change that? The path of Virtue closes the gap. Faith, willingness and action bring the binding force. The question is how strong your desire is and how much effort you are willing to take to get there? In general, we are so easy to believe ourselves and so hard to trust anyone else. Without trust and humility you will not receive any useful knowledge from the teacher you study with. Maybe learning it hard way is inevitable. Life always gives a good lesson, no matter what.

A wise man has good eyes to perceive unseen treasures and acquire it with total faith, respect and trust in the guidance of his or her teacher. An intelligent man may not be able to see what a wise man sees, but is intelligent enough to follow or imitate what the wise man does.

From my own experience, how much your teacher means to you is how much benefit you will get from them. What you receive is proportional to what you offer. If your mind is always full of doubts or contrary thoughts about your teacher or his/her teaching and you are not willing to change yourself, it is sign of lack of trust and faith. You are not suited for each other at that time. Either, he or she is not the right teacher for you or you are not ready for them. Chinese call this as the lack of Yuanfen.

It’s the same with healing. That people can be helped or not is Yuanfen. I don’t know who said it but I agree, “Good health is not a gift, but an accomplishment.” Indeed, it takes effort to produce a good result.

Sifu Jenny Lamb
Na Mo A Mi Tuo Fo 南無阿彌陀佛

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