Sublte Vision Meta State/Process

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Well I feel ashamed asking about this but...


I told myself to, "go into the state required to see subtle energy." (I call this a meta-state since I don't have any idea what the state actually is before hand.)


I went through a series of states and finally after a few days arrived at this dark place in my brow area and I noticed that I kept having thoughts about how huge the universe is and how tiny I am or how infinite time is and how we never stop exploring...forever.


My heart really couldn't handle this state and I got some panic/fear. It felt like my heart was suffocating almost. It seems any time I direct too much energy toward the brow my heart doesn't like it. However, I can direct my energy out of my body very far and usually I have no trouble. I can project far enough empathically to get an understandable fear reaction sometimes, but it is never in my heart like this sense of suffocating panic was. I assume this means I just need to meditate more on my heart before trying to access my subtle vision? Or could I have something blocking me..?


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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