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Found 3 results

  1. Standing Qigong pain issue

    I have recently started standing qigong but I am having some pain issues. I do the wuji position with feet hips width apart. As soon as I bend the knees for the position, within 5 mins I develop a boring pain in my right hip extending to the back of thigh. Also with bend knees I feel more weight on right foot than the left. Is this some alignment issue? How can I correct this issue to have equal weight on both feet? That would also solve the right hip pain I think. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. "ChiKung"

    Split from A Path of the Light (Practices). Some of us practice static vertical, sitting and horizontal forms. All of us (within my closed group) practice various moving forms. Start here for the vertical form: Sitting, horizontal and moving forms have many possible variations and permutations, so I will not be exploring them in this topic. Wuji does not. ☮️