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  1. Do you find that inner work, meditation, forms and praxis are predominantly medicinal or dietary in nature for you? Are they pursued each day like meals, to provide basic needs? Or are they preventative and situational like medicine? If you keep a journal, or from recall, have you noticed your daily habits, mental notions, behaviors and practices altering? Is practice something you do and pursue, or does it arise of its own accord? Over recent years my daily process has shifted rather radically. This shift has gained inertia particularly over the last couple years and it's been striking in recent months, the arching comparison when looking back at old journals and recalling the tone of former processes with current flow. What used to be daily, dietary practice of regimented and disciplined pursuits fueled by seeking have shifted into a place of no formal practice at all. Practices have not been abandoned, dismissed, nor rejected. But former regimented pursuits have fallen away utterly however. They arise now seemingly spontaneously and are incorporated as they occur when possible. I'm semi-retired, working a few months each year, so my days are my own for the most part. Former self had always assumed when this point in life arrived, it would bring more intense daily pursuits and who knows, it still easily could, but at present, just the opposite has unfolded quite naturally. As release unfolded, it seemed to fuel deeper release. This was unsought and at first, resisted for a time. Formal daily praxis, seasonal rites of behavior, cyclical pursuits fell away effortlessly, like flower petals. Mental seeking and assumptions steadily became utterly intangible and unsustainable as well. Along with old loved passtimes that used to be a respite, or enjoyably playfully engaging that brought relief and escape, have lost all gravity and inertia for them has dissipated. I still play them on occasion and participate in them when they arise, but they no longer have teeth to pull me anywhere, or drag me along on storylines of daily achievement and some kind of growth being required. They are experienced now as natural breathing occurs, rising and passing without forthought or mental fanfare. i am this. what else is there but to be as i am? aware. present. At one point particularly while I resisted the falling away, I played along in a story about it and assumed this was due to having healed and it was easy to allow myself to indulge in assuming it was due to some achieved progress, growth, or accomplishment on my part. Any notions of any achievement great or otherwise dissolved in presence and now seem like shadow projections that were played out on a screen that no longer exists. Simple presence seemingly dissolves all the old addon storylines. Don't feel like 'the work' is in any way finished, there is no sense of achievement, quite the contrary. Any notion of a finish line has likewise dissolved. The Work unfolds in presence instead of pursuit.
  2. A thought has been pounding on the doors of my intellect since many years, but I do think it's becoming more pronounced and emphatic off late. The cautionary advice from a little voice in my head is "What's the rush? Relax, Enjoy, move when you have to". The context being - cultivation and practice. Yes, we have to practice. For some of us it is an imperative that cannot be controlled. Not that I'm saying it should... But to practice with a set time window (I'm going to practice 90 minutes everyday) somehow dilutes the process of practice. Practice should last as long as we can flow, vibrate with the energy. My teacher cautioned me - He said "if you practice with a lot of things on your mind, about things that need to be done, chores that need to be tended to, your Qi will get "programmed" to be agitated in a similar manner. If you want the full benefit of your practice, just be patient, let it happen. If you have to stand in preparation form for 90 minutes, so be it. It can be the most powerful practice you'll have ever done..because you will find stillness and the motion that lies within" This I feel is a central concept of being Wei Wu Wei. To not be in a hurry, to be relaxed...enjoying the present moment. Then we will be in harmony within ourselves, and also the universe.