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Found 2 results

  1. Ma Wei Qi Bagua

    Hello. I am a long time member and a non frequent poster. It is great to be here and always love the upgrades and improvements over the years. Currently I am working on the connection between internal arts. Specifically Aikido and Bagua. Anyone interested in discussing the historical possibility of this?
  2. Weapons & fajin

    Hello all, Just wanted to ask a question about weapon and force production. So as chinese martial arts practitioners train under internal principles, such as meditation and neigong, many of them (at least genuine ones) learn to produce and utilize various types of forces - namely fajin. From what I gather, fajin can be used and projected in numerous ways; they can be more of a non-lethal pushing force, while others can be much more destructive in nature (i.e. used for breaking objects, sometimes through objects - striking the internals directly without leaving external marks, or breaking a bottom brick without harming the ones on top) Can the same principle be applied for weapons? Such as sword or saber. For instance, how would a intermediate or above level skilled IMA practitioner fight with a sword or saber - against opponents with heavy plate, brigandine, or lamellar armor? Well-made full suit of armor often made bladed weapons ineffective, and historical European warfare often resorted to prolonged wrestling to attack the weak points of the armor. However, this often made them vulnerable to multiple attackers, and usually put bigger and stronger people at an advantage. Or is it somehow possible for IMA practitioners to strike their opponents bypassing the armor with weapons? Or even enhance the cutting power and resilience of their swords/sabers? Weapons isn't something that seems to be talked about frequently, so I wanted to ask.