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Found 2 results

  1. Please post your opinion on the topic. Debate conditions: 1. You are familiar with the energy cultivation and you understand that yes, it is possible to drain someone of their energy without their consent. 2. You understand this is not about "unconscious" vampiring, but rather direct "feeding" of yourself or your entities/egregors. /************/ Personal background: I get vampired by males all the time and it leads me to hone my defensive skills. Yet at the same time on a mental level it sends me into rage that someone can violate me in "public"*, and think it is appropriate. Because to me it feels like an acid being poured on me, it is painful like hell and its burning - thus, my reaction to outside people looks rather weird. Yet to the "vampire" I think it adds extra "fun". I am doing the defense by simply energetically chopping their dick off ( I know it's extreme, but when that much of a turbid Qi is attacking you, you have limited time to think about "love and light", about how they are in "internal pain" and all other new age BS). Their vampiring drains me significantly and I have certain symptoms later to know how bad "vampiring" was. Note, I do distinguish between a practitioner ( their weiqi field is a number one indicator if he is a practitioner or not) and some random sex strapped guy who just happen to see a girl. It is the first ones who make me wonder about their path. I.e. where in the book does it say random vampiring leads to enlightenment? If you are so skilled in energy stuff, why don't you get a good girl and practice with her? Why do this random escapades? *I am still sitting with this one. Should I be in rage that someone is hurting me, or should I train myself to "accept it" and thus eliminate rage? Looking forward to hear your experiences.