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  1. What do you know: another TT metaphysics thread!? I was wondering what perspectives on the three main divisions in Buddhism you all may have, insights to share etc. Some lingering questions for me: Was the Buddha the first and foremost arhat or a secret bodhisattva? If it was the former that’s true was Shakyamuni a Buddha the way Mahayanists/Vajrarayanists think of the word? in that light, is the Mahayana and it’s sutras/theory/practices revisionist? A natural progressive evolution? True dharma consistent with the dhamma? I find Vajra fascinating and frightening and thus haven’t immersed myself in studying IT but do like to read the insights and teachings of Vajra Lamas from time to time. Is vajrayana an expedient practice to full Mahayana realization or does it actually go beyond it? Chogyam Trungpa in his wonderful Profound treasury of the Ocean of Dharma: treatise on the Mahayana way of Wisdom and Compassion (that may not be the exact title I don’t remember) seems to describe the Mahayana beginning after shravakayana maturity (relatively mastering the path of individual liberation) and the Vajrayana path beginning when one is firmly and hopefully irreversibly committed to the bodhisattva path. I wonder if this is an accurate description or a Pro Vajrayana view? What would lead one other than the encouragement of a root teacher or guru to know it was skillful to seek the dangerous, exalted , and exotic path of Tantra (and/or associated practices)? 🤔💭🧐😇