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Found 7 results

  1. Observing thoughts ?

    I have been lately doing more meditation where i focus on my nose and feel the breath going in and out, and this helped me in increase my awareness and my ability to observe thoughts as they arise from in my daily life. whenever the thought arise, i notice it and once i notice it disappears, and i m left with a sense of peace and ease. Even though, i did notice how much some of the thought are compulsive and negative too. After the negative thoughts decreased, my mind has been flooding me with "positive" thoughts or more like sending me thoughts that i like or would prefer to engage in or think about, and they are nice, but at the end they are thoughts. But i m trying my best to not dwel. I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the state that i go into when i observe a thought and it disappears ? that state of peace and i call it state of bliss. Even though, that i m able to to observe the thought before getting triggered, would that also help me in releasing fears and problems in my life? do you suggest to continue with such practice? or to move forward with something to deepen it? And do you consider it, an escapism technique or enhance duality? Also do you suggest any book, youtube video or so on that practice to understand it more? Thank you
  2. Desire

    In one aspect this idea of being celibate and doing meditation daily seems enticing, but living in modern society, I doubt anyone is going to be successful in achieving enlightenment. It seems like becoming a monk is the noble path for fulfilling enlightenment. It also seems that many religions tie celibacy very closely to enlightenment. But does becoming a monk and pursuing Buddhism full time lead to enlightenment in actuality? Or does it just increase your chances? I know it would make celibacy easier, but is there really a purpose to all that? They say desire is the root of suffering. Is there more suffering in this life that is outweighs the positives? This leads to deeper questions like what is the purpose of life? Is it just to procreate? Can one find peaceful/enlightened states while procreating? Is this 10 day silent retreat (Vipassana) just a way of forgetting these animalistic urges short-term? Or does is lead to a powerful new technique for developing mental stillness while overcoming the rigors of everyday society? I recently picked up the Bhagavad Gita due to suggestions by Indian spiritual readings and I found it saying that we are nothing and everything at the same time. It doesn't seem like procreating or even having intercourse embodies this philosophy. The texts goes so far as to say we shouldn't take part in worldly pleasures. Yet, I have also read that the Hindu gods rejoice in sexual intercourse and even embrace it for marriage and with multiple partners. This leads to a word that has been on my mind many a day lately and that's the subject of lust. Lust to me is what I find in a partner. And isn't love the way we are suppose to feel for all other humans? I have a partner, but my animalistic instincts direct me away from having just one partner. And that brings me to my point of if having a partner is even good in the first place. I feel in every day society and partner life/attachment, at least moving out to a semi secluded area down the road would be the most logical. That way I would not have to deal with the ongoing issue of lusting for the opposite sex. Thoughts? Warmly, Chi Boy
  3. Hey, I was lately investigating the existence of other dimensions and such and how much true they are. I have never experienced any dimensional or anything similar, just the now and being mindful of the now. and I find that traveling through dimension and such, seems to contradict with being in the now, mindful and aware of the reality as it is. The state of awareness and mindfulness means that the mind is still and with no thoughts, no visualization and no imagination and just with the reality as it is and what exist in the now. on the other hand, the buddha, who is the teacher of mindfulness and concentration of the mind, went through different dimensions and saw his past lives and such, but how far are these stuff real? Couldn't it just be the mind trying to induce thoughts but this time on another level of mind, that are too real to make you dwell and forget about being mindful and focused in the now? Seems like an escapism tool that the mind is using but this time based on your beliefs, images, and holographic representation. if not, then what is the link between between mindfulness, awareness and such with dimensions, astral, light work? maybe the dimensions are just sub-nows of the now? Thanks
  4. The Last Thought.

    Recently, i have noticed the importance of the last Thought (activities, mind state) that a person has before sleeping, in affecting the next day in terms of the energy and mind state the person wakes up with and the quality of the whole new day. For example: watching Tv, drama series or something violent before sleeping, will make the person wakes up in a bad mood or feeling tired, Also this is similar to masturbation, thinking of negative thoughts or eating unhealthy food before sleeping. A lot of teachers recommend doing meditation at night before sleeping and ending it with metta of love and compassion allowing the mind to become calm and have positive thoughts. also it is recommend to meditate in the morning to empower your day. (usually if you meditate at night you are more likely to meditate in the morning and be holding that energy during the day) Also meditating at night allow to improve lucidity in the dream, which can be used in solving life problems that arises in the dream state or realize fantaisies. also, if someone try to solve homework or maybe do their work at night before sleeping.. you are more likely to find yourself more motivated to work on them the next day. So, What do you think?
  5. I find this fascinating! Interesting website and interesting opinions. From my experience, I can see how this can be true, but I am still skeptical about it all. But this is great! Thoughts?