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  1. Money

    This is probably the most reluctance I have ever begun a topic with, but its time to talk about money from a spiritual perspective. My personal reason for this is that through out my entire life no matter where I have been, or what I have done I have always struggled with money. This has caused me to contemplate all sorts of various explanations such as karma to curses. The main reason I have been so reluctant to bring up this topic is because there is SO MUCH CRAP floating around regarding this topic, but with that being said I still want to figure this one out. I will share a few of my main theories. Karma is my main area of contemplation in regards to this topic. In the past I had other areas of my life that went bad no matter where or when I was nor matter how "smart" I tried to be, so after putting forth effort to change and improve my karma these areas of my life seemed to gradually improve, but this does not seem to be the case in regards to the topic of money. Curses have been another of my speculations concerning the topic of money as I indeed do know of a few people in my life that are nasty and vindictive and I have been told by others they they actually actively "pray" that I will be unsuccessful. Additionally my father would constantly tell me growing up that I would be unsuccessful and some have told me that this can actually be a real curse as well. If this is indeed the case though it would seem that I have been unsuccessful in breaking any such curses if they do exist. Other than that I really don't know why this seems to always be such a difficult area of my life, but I suppose that I why I'm making a post about it, hoping that someone out there might have a theory that makes sense. I know for a fact that this will require some sorting as I'm confident that I will be told a fair amount of nonsense as well, but hopefully I might get an answer that actually works for once in regards to this subject.