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  1. @Starjumper mentioned the book The Magus of Strovolos somewhere in this forum; I happened to find it in the internet so I started reading it and I’m really enjoying it (thanks ) The “magus” mentions beings like elementals; I have also read about these creatures in other books / articles under the names of thought forms, larvae, etc. In the book Daskalos says: “We give birth to such elementals with our thoughts and sentiments. Once 'projected' they have an existence of their own and can affect those around us that 'vibrate' on the same frequency” So I'd like to ask those with the ability to see these (and others) invisible beings that supposedly surround us on a daily basis: Are these beings really out there interfering in our lives? How is that even possible? Do we human beings really create beings with an independent existence that easily? Are they somehow intelligent beings? Do they have feelings? I’d be more interested in reading about your experiences, not the theory of this topic.