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Found 3 results

  1. Wild Technological Metaphysics

    A pretty wild watch enjoy.
  2. A Kickstarter project being developed to help you recognize you are sleeping and thus make you aware in the dream and become lucid: so you don't need to train or do anything in order to become lucid and worry about anything. some would say that lucid dream may help to clear issue and thus help with chakras and so help with enlightenment, would be more like making a virtual world to deal with your issues and solve them, in a safe place, under your control. would you think it is a good idea? would you think, we might come to a time where an enlightenment pill or something in that space would be invented? wouldn't it be beneficial to just clear your chakras and become aware of energy without the hassle of the whole process? Even though, yes it is about the journey, but still.. things much easier Thanks
  3. Energy Fields and Modern Technology Two very interesting videos. Namaste, gentlewind