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    Each one of us here on Earth is an Individualized Manifestation of the Very Source of All That Is!God is nothing but the Very Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe!!Your soul script or what all you will go through and what you will become is more or less decided before you are born, though many things are flexible and can be changed to a considerable extent based on the choices you make and the choices that others around you will make in your current life.Your soul script for the current life is decided by the sum total of experiences that you have had in your previous lives and the new lessons that your soul would want to go through in order to achieve a state of balance.The Real Purpose of Our Lives is to Have Blissful, Fulfilling, Enriching and Transformative Experiences. Our Soul Spirit needs these experiences and we keep reincarnating again and again until we have learnt all our lessons across the entire spectrum of experiences.As long as we don't learn our lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes, we will keep going through the same experiences.Then, once the state of contentment is achieved, the soul spirit will have a choice of either achieving Nirvana (Dis-individualization and merging back with Source/Universal Godhead) or to take Greater responsibility and move on to newer experiences in higher realms / dimensions / universes.Thus, everyday, Learn to Live it King Size, stop living it pint size as it comes. Develop a Zest for Life and start creating opportunities for yourself. Take ownership and stop blaming God, rather be thankful to God for granting you this infinite Gift of Human Life.It doesn't matter in what context you are born, in what family and settings you have grown up, know that this is how it was intended to be to enable you to have the required experience that your Soul seeks.In the process, different souls choose different paths, some choose dark/ service to self/ left hand path while other choose light/ service to others/ right hand path. There is no need to feel guilty about your past or present no matter what your background is because all will eventually merge and become One.Always remember that the potential for the Greatest Good and the Greatest God is Already present in each one of Us, All we need to do is to unravel ourselves to the inner most core to uncover the true nature of our own reality that has the Highest Purity, the Greatest and the Mightiest Power of God within it.Realize that each of our lives is invaluable and highly coveted, know that extra-terrestrials from far off stars desperately seek a human incarnation on Earth because this is where lessons are learnt. It is our planet that offers an environment for super fast learning and expedited evolution unlike anywhere else in the entire galaxy.The real evolution is that of the spirit and not the flesh, as our souls learn their lessons, the next birth may be in a more advanced body form in a different dimension commensurate with the settings needed for inculcating the next set of lessons on the souls incredible journey back to Godhead.The absolute truth is that the One Godhead (Paramatma) divided itself into infinite souls (Jeevatmas) so it could have infinite different experiences in infinite different ways.Life in this Universe is an endless pursuit of SAT-CHID-ANANDA. Sat (TRUTH) - Chid (KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM) and Ananda (BLISS/JOY/HAPPINESS).Everything is Science, Everything is Energy, Everything is God. There is no contradiction !What matters is to imbibe the Truth and accept your current state objectively and in a balanced manner. This way, we will be able to further advance the real purpose of our lives by contributing to the greater cause in whichever way we can and thus also serve the group consciousness (our soul families) in the most efficient manner.I searched for God everywhere, I only found myself !I searched for myself in everyone, I only found God !!
  2. Meow, Bums:) Here is a question for you. Since we all kind of agreed that human-to-human vampiring is not nice, let's discuss other ways of gathering energy. In this topic I would like to discuss "Gathering The Sun's Essence" practice. I would like to hear how it is done in different schools/teachers/lineages, if you have done it, what is your observations/feelings/thoughts about this, what are steps/levels/adjustments in a progressive practice (if any), warnings, etc. "Gathering the Sun's Essence" - belongs to a set of foundational meditations and is used for replenishment of Yang life-force energy. Originally described in "Hua Yang Zhu Dong Qi"( The Records of the Various Caves on the Southern Slopes of Mount Hua). Instructions survived in "Zhen Gao"(Declarations of Perfect Immortals) and "Shang Qing Wo Zhong Jue"(Explanations of the Methods of Grasping the Central Luminary). If you do such practice, mind sharing ( as much as you think is relevant?) From myself: I have done this practice with interesting results. One time at Hawaii I was doing it at the sunrise and I got circle blobs of energy ( but for some reason grey color) flowing at me. It was interesting. One time I was around Sierra's ( Tahoe area) at the sunrise and I was looking towards mountains and suddenly the colors were blue/orange and my perception was heightened to 1000X and I literally felt I am having sex with the universe. That kind of shaking is... well ( kitty will be modest here), but I think it kind of counts as getting "Yang energy" into female body. One time around Big Sur at the ocean at the sunset at winter equinox I literally felt I opened the doors to the underworld. Very strange "feelings" of meditating on the setting sun. I do not get such results at my home. When it is nice and not cold outside I do my practice in my backyard, but it does not have the results as grand as I described, but some shaking in the belly ( expected as per books/instructions). While I do not chase any results/feelings/benchmarks, I would like to find more references on the practice and how do others feel/think/observe/etc during the practice. Meow, your very smart scientific simple kat ( who can spell sometimes:P)
  3. Looking for Fruitful Discussion!

    Hello everyone! I have been studying Tai Ji for over 12 years. Started at a San Diego, CA school, Jing Institute, learning Yang 24. I progressed through all compulsory forms (Yang 40, Sun 73, Wu 54, Chen 56, Competition Forms, Chen Sword, Broadsword, Staff, and that weird Kung Fu/Tai Ji Fan), won a few local tournaments. Had to move to Los Angeles for college where I practiced Karate, JJJ, Systema, Wing Chun and Bujinkan (Ninjutsu style). I never missed a week of Tai Ji practice since I started. Tai Ji is my rock. My central philosophies regarding existence, martial arts, self defense, health and leading a good life really took hold thanks to ideas and concepts I learned through Tai Ji which were derived from Taoism and Buddhism. I have been hunting for fruitful discussion conceptual discussion and have had little luck. I never aim to offend, but I am not afraid to voice my opinion. My ideal to only speak truth from my perspective and I am happy to hear other points of view. My words are just words and I would never force anyone to take my position. So please know that I do my best to begin a conversation from a place of agreement and attempt to find the point at which I and another disagree before providing evidence for my position. No need to defend a position if we both agree, right? Thank you for maintaining this forum and let us understand each other so we can grow together! -Tie Xiong Ji
  4. Dear Ones, let me cross link the post I made regarding my own experience in Sun Gazing. This topic is highly important for humanity these days, since it boosts consciousness and personal development by lightyears! Feel free to comment on the original post (or here) - since I do not want to double post this here, just make the information more wider available to anyone who is interested. Namaste.