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  1. A Question About Sugar...

    So I just watched this on Amazon Prime (free there for now): Essentially what this video says is that the sugar in our foods is at the heart of the obesity epidemic. There is a LOT more than that, but that is the gist. 4 grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon. The World Health Organization has these recommendations: I am not sure if this is the altered version (at the demand of the US government and the food/drink industry.) What I recall is the daily recommended dose is no more than 12 grams, I think. I am willing to test this. Before I tried being a vegetarian, during and after I have drank a LOT of pop. Going vegetarian is supposed to make you loose weight. I lost very little. Since pop is one of the biggest sources of sugar in my diet, followed by deserts, eliminating it for a period of 1 month to start, going to perhaps 3 months, should have some interesting results. So I am intending that, as of June 10th, I am not drinking any more sweetened beverages. This includes pop, Vitamin water, tea, Odwalla, fruit juices, etc. Only things that are unsweetened, having no added sugar, will be drunk. For the record other sources of high concentrations of sugar are ketchup (Haines natural ketchup has 1 teaspoon or 4 grams of sugar PER TABLESPOON) and peanut butter (sugar is used as a filler.) Question for those of you here more food conscious than myself... According to this video, we can eat fruits and the natural sugar in the fruit burns slower (doesn't go directly to our liver) because of its fiber. So if I were to add some unsweetened, vegetarian fiber to my diet for each meal, would that offset any sugar I intake? I may have more to say on this later.