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Found 5 results

  1. Dragon Sickness

    This is a very good video series explaining some basic errors that can be met while trying to engage in practical Daoist meditations. The first video is a great summary even for experts. The best benefit however is for self-initiates and newbies who are often clueless where to begin and whether they can safely practice on their own. The answer to that is: it depends on many conditions chiefly involving health and the purity of mind, but being too sure of oneself is more evidence of Dunning-Kruger effect than real skill. Deviations are not fun and can take a long time to heal, yet very often we can witness on this forum also how someone's pride and arrogance reveal unwise disregard for their own continued well-being. As if they were completely immune to any shortcomings and mistakes, and as if mastery was attained with the snap of fingers! It's good to be informed that these deviation conditions exist and why it's especially important to have contact with a knowledgeable teacher who can observe and help you correct yourself before unwitting mistakes and errors escalate into sickness. As a related note, it would be wonderful to poll the Dao Bums about how many of us have completely managed to avoid any deviations. I for sure haven't been such an outstanding student, but then my entry to the world of internal training was in order to get healed from imbalances caused by traumas, which is far from optimal. Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Video 4: Video 5:
  2. Chi, Qi or Love

    Hi, this is Teresa Yeung and some people will call me Master Teresa. I coincidently came across Dao Burns a few days ago as I was googling. As there is no coincidence and I just follow the chi and join you". Wish that I can be of help and support to each other❤ Humbly I have been teaching Qi Gong over 20 years ago. I am the successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu who obtained the highest official Qi Gong title in China in 1995 from the Qi Gong Talent Bank of Peoples Republic of China. The Wu's Eye Qi Gong - a 4000 people research study for 3 years in 1980s led by Grandmaster Wu which helped millions on vision. On my 60th Birthday, I gave a my Free webinar on "Eye Healing Demystifed" for gratitude. I would like to offer you the link so you can enjoy my 1.5 hour webinar much information and chi practice with healing😊
  3. This might be worth a try: 4-7-8 breathing
  4. Fascinating findings here on Stress. So the studies from the past say that stress is bad. Now, here they say that its not stress but the belief that stress is bad for you. Do we need any studies to tell us anything or can we simply believe something and count on that belief creating and shaping our own reality? The studies and findings from the scientific community are constantly changing and contradicting themselves for any topic you choose, so... What does one make of all this? Kelly McGonigal: How To Make Stress Your Friend
  5. So right now I am dealing with a terminal illness within my family. It has been a long battle but it looks like it will be ending fairly soon. A DNR has been signed, and there is so much emotion and stress going on around me. There has also been some heartbreak as I learned that a family member attempted to forge documents in order to put themselves down as beneficiary to life insurance. There's just so much going on. I am doing everything I can to help, and am able to keep a cool head and sort things out and tackle things one at a time. There is a deep sadness within me that doesn't feel ready to come out yet, though. I am trying to get through this the healthiest way possible. Are there any specific meditations or Qigong that might help with this? Anything I could do to look after myself?