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  1. Trying to make this post less obscure: I'd like to know if you believe in NLP or something that's called magic(k) or black tantra... if you believe in that, I'd like to know if there's a decent way to get aware of such stuff if one is susceptible to this stuff and to repell this influence and how that is possible. (and no, I don't wish to go into the abyss of reddit and read occultist works!) This is because when several women mentioned specifics of sexual abuse in a town nearby, there were men who spoke up and said, they might have been psychologically manipulated via hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming and this sounds just very disgusting and I wondered if that might be a real thing and how those could be helped, if that wasn't in their benefit but for egoistic purposes of the perpetrator. Maybe those men had no idea, was hoping for a 'reality check' on the daobums. Thanks a lot!