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  1. Shared White Light Experience

    A couple years ago, my wife and I shared yet another paradigm shifting and unique experience together. The latest of several that have occured in our three decades together. On a weekday afternoon in our kitchen, we were utterly consumed and saturated in a sphere of White Light, for a span of about six seconds. Complete white out. Total white out. All vision gone white. We were standing in our kitchen together when it occured. I was on the phone with a friend in mid sentence, when I went silent as the entire interior of our home was engulfed in pure, non-directional, utterly saturating, White Light. It was roughly 3pm on a cloudless, typical Southern California day. Sun blazing overhead. This White Light blocked out all other sight in both of us and if it came from a source, it seemed that it was within us, or between/within us. Our field of vision rapidly irisced up until all vision was whited out. I remember looking at the mirror on the wall 14 feet away as it just dissolved in this dense fog of white light until neither I nor my wife could see even our hands in front of our face for a span of about six seconds. It was just like a pure black out, only white. Then it rapidly receded just as it had come on and was gone, leaving us both gaping and me repeatedly asking "what was that?... what could do that?" The light had no direction, like a reflection. And any light of that intensity, capable of whiting out all sight, should have left us both white blinded for a time. I work in the film industry and am constantly moving between very low and very intense light situations, not only should we have had some sort of retinal ghosting after such an intensity of light... there should have, by all my previous experiences, been stabbing pain in the intensity of such a light. My eyes are so sensitive it was often an issue back in my acting days... when the light was sufficient to render my face for film, my eyes would be watering and ruin the shot. i also struggle with night driving and will often tear up due to clear lenses and piercing sensitivity. With this, there was nothing. No retinal response at all. Literally zero sensitivity reaction to this light, as did Willow my wife. Our son, who sat in the living room noticed nothing. These seem to reinforce the sense that the source of the light was internal. It utterly saturated and engulfed us both, along with the entire interior of our home. I've never seen a light of this color, nor intensity in my life. Perhaps it's relevant to add that this manifested in the midst of a time of the worst emotional upheaval I have ever experienced in my rather blessed life. Having just lost both of my parents, several dear friends, the child of another friend, and in the second year of witnessing the near complete emotional collapse of my beloved partner and wife as she wrestled with the awakening of long buried memories of childhood trauma at the hands of her parents, whom we had subsequently excised from our lives and home. To say it came at a point of deep emotional pain is understatement. I've only spoken of this once before. Matters of this nature, like the silent thunder my wife and I experienced together and where I take my name here from are always tough to share... but the time seems right given the state of the board and the nature of the recent light topics. So I'm curious what your various lineages, and hopefully some of your direct experiences with such open eyed visual strangeness have to say.