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Found 6 results

  1. my name is dino coce i am from split croatia ever since i was a kid i like movies with bruce lee,jackie chan ,van damme... i filmed it on vhc and collect the tapes i live in a house of 5 people(me included) and 5 dogs. i dont have job,money,id,phone.i started to do tien shen qi gong from steve gray in 2021, promise myself that i will do it every day... i skip some days haha i like to do shaolin/ wu dang stretches and meditation. since in our house is lots of people and dogs ,meditation can be bad and good at the same time. then i started to build small cob house in the mountain maybe to live (still building) i dont know i just report what is happening in life i like to skateboard also ,since 2007 i maybe skip 5 days max to not skate(from 2007 till 2022 only 30 days when injuired ,but to not ride on purpose 1 week),so that was important path in my life ramana maharashi videos started to come to (my) life and nisargadatta book,and then first time in a long time i didnt skate for 7 days,it was huge for me .i learnd from that, am i just a skater am i just a human who skates...after that week i was diffrent .no thoughts were in my mind ,it is a good feelling.and skateing is expensive hobi you destroy your shoes in a week ,board in a month... when i do qi gong i do it as slow as possible ,first times were hard and painfull but now i forget to count ,my name,where i am (eyes closed) i somehow merge with the movements i dont know who is doing it,my body ,energy,some spirit me ,universe i am just watching life through (my)eyes. thanks for reading
  2. Who are the monks

    I wonder if someone knows who are the monks in the picture from Enter the dragon beginning first fight of Bruce lee and Sammo Hung. Black, yellow, red and blue attires for the monks? I guess yellow for Shaolin monks and black for Daoist monks?
  3. This is the place i use to practice at in San Francisco. They have schools around the country. This was my foundation and later i met my other teachers.
  4. Shaolin Temple UK

    I am currently aware of the Shaolin Temple UK in Tufnell Park I am wondering if anyone has any experience of this temple ?. Also,If the martial arts and meditation practised there is a high level i would greatly appreciate the help. Xandre
  5. Boddhidharma & Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Info on Boddhidharma (also known as Damo, Tamo, or Tatmo), the first Patriarch and founder of Zen Buddhism who traveled from India to China where he taught Yoga and the 18 Lohan Hands exercises, to the Shaolin Monks. These exercises became blended with many fighting arts over time. However, Bodhidharma did not agree with the Chinese Emperor's philosophy, because the Emperor thought he should build great temples in worship of Buddha and that was the best way to get to heaven and gain merits. But Boddhidharma knew it was only a person's heart that mattered and whether you are a good person. The Emperor and Boddhidharma did not agree, so Bodhidharma went to the Shaolin Temple and taught there. When he arrived he found the buddhist monks had poor concentration and their bodies were weak, so he taught them the 18 Lohan Hands routine. The 18 Lohan exercises Shaolin temple Videos Chinese sub-titled documentary about Shaolin Temple- Hai Teng and Shaolin- Shaolin Temple - Shi DeYang and Shi Suxi National Geographic, Myths & Logic of Shaolin Kung-Fu Music Video- Cool Shaolin Kungfu demonstration videos Videos with a monk named Shi Yan Ming Shaolin Kung Fu Shi Yan Ming in People and Arts Channel Si Fu Shi Yan Ming permormance in NBC Channel Shi Yan Ming Monje Shaolin visita Mexico Shaolin Child this video has close ups of the indented floors, made from years of monks stomping down on them- Training- shaolin entrainement 1 Shaolin taizu changquan YouTube - Shaolin taizu changquan