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Found 2 results

  1. waking the tiger, getting rid of PTSD

    some time ago i found the book ' waking the tiger' in the secondhand-shop. The ways of DAO are great, to bring this book on my path at the moment i'm able to understand and use the content. The book explains how posttraumatic stress can lead to all the symptoms it does and how to get rid of it. The reading of it was so emotional to me that i've read it in small sections. But now I do understand what is happening to me. Part of the exercises i do is spontaneous movement, the effects can be astounding and after reading this book i do understand much better what is happening. ( and also why the effects are so different compared to my fellowstudents) i thought i'd post it, maybe other bums with these kind of problems can make use of it
  2. Hey! So, from what i've understood most systems of inner alchemy have similar stages of development. Also, most of them have elements of accumulating inner fire, pairing yin and yang/water and fire/lead and mercury/hun and po. The theory of it can be understood in many different terms, and is in most cases described clearly. I've been wondering about something that doesn't take much space in literature though: vibrations in the dantian. I've been able to find cross-cultural references to most stages of inner development and alchemy, but have a hard time finding references to the stage of development where the dantian starts shaking/vibrating. Do any of you have any thoughts on this? How is it mentioned symbolically in literature about neidan (or other systems). What are your experiences? Is it a theoretical part of a system you practice? One thought I've had as an explanation is that many of the signs of development are purposefully not described, as to avoid that a student focuses on a result in stead of the method, and ends up distorting the process and bringing about an incomplete elixir, or harming the body. Thus the teacher will know for sure when the sign develops that the student is ready, and not just "willing" forth an effect in the body. I'm going to ask my shifu about this on thursday, until then I hope I can pass the subject back and forth with you bums a bit