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  1. Meow all: I had a really strange lucid dream last night. Someone I know, but not in a good relationship lately was casting I-Ching in regard to me. And they got "33 changes to 8". We have not seen each other for a while and, honestly, seems like "quarrelsome star" had been over energizing this relationship, so I found this dream rather odd. The person in question does active cultivation and such. Interestingly enough, it was exactly "33" ( retreat) which caused some issues ( they needed a major ego work in order to proceed further, etc). I was kind of offended by that, but hey, if someone needs space, go for it. However, the "retreat" did not start well ( caused loss of money from my side). If someone will just show up out of the blue to make amends... should I go with "8"? I am just a human and I do have my feelings hurt because of that rejection. Any thoughts welcome... Meow...