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  1. Hello again. As i mention again and again, the last 8 years have been a crazy journey. I just shed my austerities in full 2 months ago. Im now eating a healthy varied, vegetarian diet, getting adequate sunlight, lots of walking, etc. With that said, my bones are recovering from a profound and gradual deterioration. I just saw an orthopedist who is directing me to a foot doctor, a metabolic function doctor, and a holistic doctor (if im interested). Luckily my blood work is fine (just low in vitamin D), my bones dont look osteoperotic or osteopenia from the xray he saw and overall i seem fairly healthy. However I get bone soreness/pain from minimal weight bearing on my feet, prolonged weight bearing on my sit bones or hips, cracking knees, pain in my fingers from typing on touch screens (just got a keyboard). and an on and off sore neck from years of sitting upright continuously with poor muscles and improper posture. I also dont know how great my sleep posture is. My other issue I was curious if energy afficionados like TDB had any insight into Treating Premature Ejaculation, which is what led to my existensial crisis that led to my spiritual seeking. To clarify i suffered through my entire dating life of 3 years of: Severe, relationship sabotaging Premature Ejaculation and the shame and dysphoria that came with it. I ve sidestepped this issue for 8 years as I worked on self psychological healing through loving acceptance whilst undertaking 6 years of semi voluntary/semi involuntray celibacy, and the last 2 years being abstinent other than one somewhat intimate day with a female friend in december. My PE was rooted in early teenage years, masturbating to 40 sec porn clips, racing the video, fearing being walked in on. It formed a habit I never consistently broke. I also suffered from anxiety throughout my early years, and once I got to the age of intimacy, this anxiety compunded and turned into not just performance anxiety but unwanted, severely premature climax anxiety. I was on an anti depressant the past 3 years semi voluntarily which seemed to help based on my ability to last in my dreams. However Im off now and prefer to stay off and treat the root and find a more thorough treatment. I no longer feel particularly ashamed of PE or much of anything and I have talked it through with friends as much as I think is beneficial. The only practical route I can think of going is practicing in a serious relationship , cultivating trust, acceptance, and healing. I was wondering if anyone had any advice, suggestions on how to potentially go about treating it as I would hope to be able to perform sexually when I take up dating again and have it be a non issue. I figure this is at least worth exploring even if there either isnt an easy solution, or if im not ready to wholeheartedly pursue "fixing" this immediately Thanks