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  1. Paradoxical Journey

    I quite appreciate the input on this, as I, myself, am unsure exactly what it was. It was certainly not a "dream", and I don't believe it was "astral projection". Recovering those memories is half of what allowed me to start my journey in this life, as I grew up with an intense hatred and disgust for religion in general, though most of what I had been exposed to up until that point was Christianity and Judaism. I was an extremist, militant atheist. As that was the case, it would have been hard for me to even accept the idea of something that most people could not see, nor would I have been able to accept the idea of cultivation, qi, gods, demons, ghosts, magic, or any of the other phenomena that have become everyday to me. I began studying to figure out what it was, but I still don't have a concrete answer! Would it be taboo for me to ask how you accessed the written bits? I've not had direct access to the records via projection myself, so I'm not entirely familiar with the process, but I've never heard them express it in written language. This kind of thing very much intrigues me. As interest grows, so do the number of parasites of topics. Unfortunately, fanaticism is quite easy to fall into. I do indeed hope to move to Japan and I also hope to teach, so I may use the JET program, but I hope I would at least be a good teacher for the students. Students learn from their teachers, whether the teacher is good or not; this is part of the reason America is having issues currently, as we do not have sufficient incentives for capable teachers, though I digress. I'll need to finish my degree before I can even look at that option, either way. If it is here to give a positive message, it would be wrong to send it away, but if it is here for itself, would it also be wrong to send it away? I've always had trouble comprehending morals. I would think that if someone were to come and cleanup a lot of the haunting hotspots, it would be an overall good thing, but I don't quite know if it's acceptable to exercise power that way.