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  1. Videos- The Essenes- Educational video from the Israeli Antiquities Authority about the connections between the teachings of the Essenes, the teachings of John the Baptist, and the teachings of Jesus- The Dead Sea Scrolls and the connections to the 4 Gospels of the New Testament- The Scriptorium at Qumran- How were the Dead Sea Scrolls written: The Scribes who wrote the Scrolls The languages of the Dead Sea Scrolls- Hebrew and the Dead Sea Scrolls- The Greek language and the Dead Sea Scrolls- The Dead Sea Scrolls - The Thanksgiving Scroll The book of Psalms- The Book of Isiah- The War Scroll- The Genesis Apocryphon Scroll- The Copper Scroll- BBC Dead Sea Scrolls cover-up, Paul the Liar vs. James the Just, the Pierced Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Parallels in the DSS to Mark, and origins of Christianity- The Essenes and the Romans- Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed! The Essenes and who the World calls Christ- National Geographic, Riddles of the Dead Sea Scolls- In Search of The Dead Sea Scrolls- Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible, cover-up- Dead Sea Scrolls, kabbalah & ancient Christians Lost years of Christ- YouTube - Memories of an Essene archivist Christ and Essenes- YouTube - YAHAWAHSHI THE ESSENE?? and- YouTube - Truth About the Bible:Other Inspired Books, Dead Sea Scroll, Nephilim, Paul Qumran recreated- Christianity comes from the Essenes For many years, scholars had believed that Christianity was a very original and unique religion. They had thought the differences between modern Judaism and Christianity were originated within the Christian religion. However, with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the literature of the ancient Essenes, The Sons of Light, or the Great White Brotherhood, in the late 1940s, this view was found to be completely wrong. The concepts of Baptism, Ritual meals( Last Supper), The Holt Spirit/Holy Ghost, Resurrection, the concept of a coming Messiah of the line of David, A messiah that would heal the sick and raise the dead, a Messiah that must die, and the concept of Armageddon in the Book of Revelations are but a few teachings found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. These people, the Essenes, are where much of the core Christian beliefs originate. The Sermon on the Mount, considered by some to be the heart of Christian teachings, has been ideintified by scholars as the teachings of the Esssenes. The Beatitudes of Christ have direct parallels to the Beatitudes of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Many of the parables spoken by Jesus exactly match parables and hymns in the Dead Sea Scrolls which were written and spoken by the Essenes at their monasteries. It is even in the Bible itself, Jesus the Nazarene. Through the study of linguistics and textual criticism, it can be found that the correct translation is Jesus the Nazarene, Jesus the Essene. The fact that researchers didn't have access to the DSS for so many decades is infuriating. The amount of controversy, bickering, cover ups, and politics involved with research on the Scrolls is sad. Jesus and the Essenes- The Order of Nazorean Essenes Direct Correlations between New Testament and Qumran Dead Sea Scroll teachings- The Dead Sea Scrolls