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Found 6 results

  1. Reverse logic

    What really puzzled me over the years about this section of the forum and a wide spread idea on the internet is that retention is a way to conserve energy or accomplish something. I have experienced the other way around. That "rising in vibration" made me desire less until it kinda faded completely. I see it more as a measure than a method.
  2. Hello Everybody! A bit about me: I have always been "spiritual" lets say. Never bought into my catholic upbringing and the such. After a few experiences with psychedelic drugs I became interested in meditation, yoga and generally eastern religions and their mentalities and views on life and existence (mostly buddhism and jainism). I now have a daily yoga and meditation practice. Nothing huge, just 2 sets of sun salutations followed by 20 minutes or so of isha kriya meditation. I am posting today because I have been practicing the material from mantak chia's book on sexuality. My motivations for this in the beginning were very ego driven: i simply was jealous of the orgasms my girlfriends were having, and wanted more from my 3-5 second burst of an ejaculation. Now after 2 months or so of (not to successful) practice, I realize it is not solely about the pleasure of an orgasm, but the deeper understanding of ones of sexuality, and a more healthy control over it (eg, not ogling every nice girl that walks by). I have been doing the cool draw daily, but not too sure if I am getting anywhere. I don't really feel a tingling or energy like described, only like, a "fullness" or presence, imagine molasses travelling around the body. It seems i can kinda tell where the energy is, but its not a real sensation so I am not really sure if it is what I feel, or placebo. Im not sure what I am supposed to feel, or if what I am feeling is correct, but that's just my bodies own expression of sexual energy (were all different!). Although, on occasion I feel a distinct tingling sensation in my testicles, but I have not yet been successful on pulling it up into the perineum and rest of the body. I have also been doing the big draw, and seem to be making a little progress there. I definitely feel more when self cultivating, but when thing start feeling nice they do not really travel up the spine at all, and it crest over into ejaculation. Albeit the ejaculation is a little more pleasurable, it is just as short and underwhelming. I keep reading in many places of these incredible, energetic whole body orgasms, and would like to get there, but I seem to need a little more guidance than mantak chia's books are offering. Also I am unsure when I should put my tongue to the roof of my mouth, throughout a sexual experience (with my self or otherwise) or only afterwards to bring the energy back down from my head? I have heard some criticism on Mr. Chia;s teachings, and would be totally open to a new practice if any of you have any suggestions on how I could get this working! Have any of you achieved this? Any tips or experiences you would like to share? Anything at all is well appreciated Thanks, keep the good vibes rolling!
  3. First off, this is a real issue and would really appreciate any help - especially from men that have explored this. What I am hoping to do is find someone who can help me unblock some energy. Specifically - and I apologize for the personal nature of this - I have problems having an orgasm. Everything is fine physically, 54 years old and in perfect health. All of this happened after a divorce. I am guessing my mind decided to block my ability to easily reach orgasm. I am fully aware of energy blockages and mental blockages and I have both. So I have been meditating on my chakras and other things are working. But most of the time men are looking to last longer, my issue is the opposite. I want it ejaculation to happen and not be a marathon. I am with a life partner now that I plan on marrying. In my last relationship it was a terrible issue and in some ways ruined it for me. It becomes very frustrating and then each time there is failure it just gets worse. What I am I hoping for? A technique or method to move energy and focus to the proper areas that I can practice over and over... If any of you out there are familiar with this energy and are able to encourage an orgasm through moving energy or things like that, please let me know. Thank you.
  4. in-jaculation - Ways

    The primary purpose behind Taoist lovemaking is the transformation of sexual energy into healing energy and vitality, resulting in better health and potential immortality. The primary Taoist technique to achieve these healing effects is called the inward orgasm (in-jaculation), whereby the orgasmic energy rises up the spine, stimulating the endocrine glands, energy systems, nervous system, and organs. Taoists teach that an inner orgasm (in-jaculation) stimulates life and vitality, while the outer orgasm (e-jaculation) brings death or loss of health and vitality. An in-jaculation is the most effective tool for transforming a physical orgasm into an energetic orgasm. Of course, there are even higher levels of orgasm as well, including a soul-level, total-being orgasm. So what are some ways to achieve in-jaculation for the well being? One way to achieve in-jaculation is by applying pressure on the perineum, thus retaining the sperm. But I have not been successful in finding the perineum. Any suggestions on finding this spot? Another way is by reversing the orgasm up the spine to the crown of the head and down the face vitalizing all the organs in the body and back to the lower dantian to store the energy in the navel? So what are some ways to achieve in-jaculations for better health?
  5. Hello Taobums, I have a query for the ejaculation retention experts. I have a decent amount of experience with ejaculation delaying techniques: Kegels, Mantak Chia, Karezza, Neo-Tantra etc. There is one particular issue that I have never seen addressed. It seems as though I produce too much seminal fluid. This fluid builds up pressure and makes delaying ejaculation very uncomfortable for me. I have used many different energy techniques but none seem to address the pressure build-up and the tension that this creates. It always gets to the point where I eventually just have to ejaculate. It seems nothing ever decereases the fluid buildup which make my prostate inflate like a baloon. Yes, I have made daily use of the Deer exercise to no avail. After one ejaculation, this pressure is gone and it is much easier to retain at that point. Has anyone out there ever experienced this? I have never really worried about ejaculating but recently began to wonder what might be achieved if I could just retain without ejaculating at all. Your insights greatly appreciated
  6. Thought this was really on! Awesome breakdown on intimacy!!! Curious about what the fellow TBs think: