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  1. I just posted this on another site but would be interesting in discussing this statement from Ramana Maharshi on this site. Talk 177 from "Talks with Ramana Maharshi" (this goes deep into the process of creation): Ramana: "...the body and all other objects are contained in the brain. The LIGHT (my caps) is projected on the brain. The impressions in the brain become manifest as the body and the world. Because the ego identifies itself with limitations, the body is considered separate and the world separate." I've practiced conscious sleep for years with the understanding that "Man is made in the image of God" and "As above so below". When one watches dream formation from start to finish, one can see how the light (of the dreamer in this case) projects on the brain of the dream-objects and how the impressions in the brain of the dream-object project the dream-body and the entire dream-world. It was Ramana's words, as noted above, that moved me to explore in this direction. When one can still the mind ("Be still and know ... that ... I AM ... God"), one can sense alluring vibrations that are more subtle than thoughts. These vibrations, as many sages will affirm, pull one from the crown chakra (sahasrara) towards the LIGHT of the Source. The sounds are as alluring as the sounds of the sirens luring sailors to the distant shore in the Homeric epic, the Odyssey. This would be an very interesting subject for further discussion. (Edgar Cayce, the American Christian mystic who was reportedly able to read the Akashic Records of the Cosmic mind, talks about a dot --- possibly the OM point in Hindu terminology --- which he becomes as he travels towards the LIGHT drawing him to the Source. The "dot" --- bindu --- in OM is generally considered to be the symbolic representation of the seed from which the universe springs into existence.)