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  1. A Pure Tao

    My main interests are twofold. First I would like to know about a more pure Tao. Yes, oxymoron aside, a system, methodology, or approach to the Tao that does not contain concepts of Buddhism, Hinduism or any other Ism. For me the Buddhist concepts of reincarnation, Karma, the Dharma are irrelevant to what I seek. I don't seek to avoid suffering, as I suffer very little or possibly not at all, so the eight-fold path holds little value for me. I suppose that what I would like to know more about is the Tao itself. A tall order indeed, given the unknowable nature of the Tao, but that is my direction. My concept of the Tao is like in the Katha Upanishad, the discussion of the unmanifested self. It seems obvious to me that when the 10,000 manifestations came about that dualism was born and that dualism has been echoing down thru (linear) time. And it would be helpful to return to this (pure) Tao to shake off the remnants of our "creation". To do this I don't want to go down the isles of the spiritual supermarket throwing what ever catches my eye into the cart. This cherry picking of what appeals from various systems and adding them to our current pursuit is just clouding the water. Second I would like know more about (Tao) Sages. Are there any Sages today and if so how does one access them? What constitutes a Sage and how does one know the qualifications of a Sage.