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Found 7 results

  1. We were discussing with a friend how there has been a generous number of self-initiates coming onboard TDB forum recently. I feel it's as if some Daoist flavored talismans and writings have accidentally fallen to earth across the globe from air cargo and now there is a lot confusion and crazy ideas about what these weird artifacts might mean. Aren't they interesting like babies' rattle toys? Oo-o ga-ga. I blamed it on the astrological constellations, but maybe someone else could give more likely answers? Generally we seem to have different and distinct flavors of self-initiates. 1. The Exotist: People who approach Oriental traditions, usually either Mahayana Buddhism or Daoism, like if it was sentimental religiosity in vein what the Protestant Christian ministers are doing in ad hoc fashion when they try to create a personal connection to a spiritual tradition on their own terms. This is not often only embarrassing cultural appropriation and self-promotion, but it completely misses the entire mindset that differentiates the Oriental spiritual views from the Western. Here spiritual practice is primarily revolving around technology and methodology; whereas the Christian tradition shunned these explorations in favor of an all-consuming Theistic relationship to a tantric Guru. Some people (ab)use these spiritual methods for rather mundane health and bliss seeking purposes, but the serious minded will soon find out that the rabbit hole leads next through a thorny bush which mercilessly stings and tears all those ego layers that we have used to shield and cover our naked awareness. It's not usually the fun and gentle ride for mommy's little sweetie pies. 2. The Professional Newbie: People who think they are ready for everything, experienced enough, and wise to see what is gold and what shit. It takes on many forms, but the salient feature is how they put their expertise and rather superficial authoritative standards on the pedestal as if it was a golden calf ready to be given sacrifices. They never tire of reminding how their idols are so great, much better and more powerful than yours, so that it resembles a gang of tough kids wanting to challenge you to a dramatic showdown, e.g. anime or Pokemon fight, that seem to be in perpetual fashion in teen entertainment. The more they huff and puff platitudes, the less there is reason to believe they have anything else going on except a very limited understanding of self-transformation, which is always witnessed by the telltale signs of immature temper or narrow-mindedness how things should be according to their whims. 3. The Conspitard: People who have lost (some of) their tethers to reality and seek outlandish explanations to explain human suffering. It's the reptilians, communists, banksters, the Jews, the white people, the SWJs, the non-heteronormative, or whatever sweeping and conclusive accusation they can conveniently cast as their "gotcha!" rule to identify causes of suffering. The signs are always there when they look deep and hard enough, often shamefully in the context of spiritual traditions, and this paranoid investigation is what they actively keep doing and promoting. Personally, I think they should put a lot less sugar in their breakfast cereals and skip the energy drinks for a good while. Life is too good to be wasted on speculation and apocalyptic self-important masturbation. None of the types like to be told they are wrong or unwise in uncertain terms, and when given enough quarter to demonstrate real humility in context of respect and love of life, they steadfastly refuse even gentle humiliation as a useful reminder and measure how far we actually have progressed in getting over ourselves and how we relate to the human condition. It's got nothing and everything to do with you. Figure it out!
  2. A newbie needs a hand

    i am a noob and intrested WHERE DO I START
  3. Hello all

    Good morning all, I am glad to have found the board and I look forward to digging into the discussion. I currently live in New Orleans and have been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for a little over 5 years.
  4. Help function

    Us Noobs could use a help function. I am still not sure how to make an entry in the welcome section and thus be a qualified poster.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm an Irani-born, Italian raised, Bengladeshi lived, brown guy who is currently living in australia as an international student. Spirituality and the inner worlds have always been something of interest to me personally, and I really like Stuart Wilde's thought on daoism. Recently I've taken up NoFap (Quitting pornography and masturbation for a while) and soon discovere the benefits of semen retention. I used to edge a lot before, thinking I would get the benefits of semen retention, but in my experience stopping porn etc. all together changed my life. However sometimes it's just hard to avoid wet dreams, and you feel like there is a lot of sexual build up. So what I realized is that I need to do something about it. To cultivate my life nad manifest what I need. Use this energy to good use. I was thinking of taking up Zhan zhuang for a practice, but I cannot afford or get a teacher at the moment. So I ended up here. Any advice or tips would be highly appreciated!
  6. Hello

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be here. I will tell you up front that after decades of reading and struggling and fighting for it, (fill in the blank) . . . I don't know anything at all. Now that's pretty damn funny ain't it! Peace, Just me.
  7. Howdy

    Just when I thought there were no message boards on Taoism... Good to know I was wrong! I'm not much of a Taoist (nor a bum, though in this economy - who knows?), but I do my best to keep things simple whenever I can. Been interested in this topic for a while now... I even wrote a wee Kindle book about it. Who knows, one of these days I might even start a blog and try to get the word out. Don't know if it's just me, but it seems like a lot of people could use a break and some Tao Te Ching while they're at it. I guess this is the obligatory part where I write about myself? 26, male, proud owner of a malfunctioning improbability field, a bit of an entrepreneur and it looks like I'm cursed to wander the world until I meet The One. (So far, it's been Siberia - Seattle - Reno - Omaha - Las Vegas - Texas. O_o ) I'm still trying to wrestle my profile into letting me change the user settings... Either you guys have a particularly peculiar set of defenses against spammers, or technology has moved on while I wasn't looking. Looking forward to hanging out with y'all, Grigory (rhymes with "story")