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Found 3 results

  1. Just a comment: Very few make a clear distinction between sitting practices and meditation. Doing vs Non-doing This is not to demean sitting practices or standing practices - simply to clarify that various energetic “Doing” is not meditation.
  2. Tao Music

    Before I listened to anyone I listened to music. It has always brought me into a moment of surreality. I create music often and have been opening myself up to knew forms from all over the world. I do this simply to do it. Would anyone like to share Tao music? Music that you feel flow through you. Music that could be perceived as divine. Music you love (I trust your ears) Or anything relating to "authentic" Taoist music.
  3. a good quote

    "You see, at the beginning, we have to develop a very sharp, precise mind to see what we are. There is no other way of sharpening our intelligence. Pure intellectual speculation would not sharpen it at all, because there you have to introduce so much stuff that blunts, that overclouds. The only way to do it is just to leave intelligence as it is with the help of some technique. Then the intelligence begins to learn how to relax and wait and allow what takes place to reflect in it. The learning process becomes a reflection rather than creating things. So waiting and letting what arises reflect on the intelligence is the meditation practice. It is like letting a pond settle down so the true reflection can be seen. There are already so many mental activities going on constantly. Adding further mental activities does not sharpen the intelligence. The only way is just to let it develop, let it grow." from Glimpes of Abhidharma by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche