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Found 2 results

  1. Nihilism

    How could something exist? How could morality exist? How could free will exist? Morality implies absolute judgement. It's impossible. Free will implies... well, I can't even imagine how free will could be possible. If there was something, what would it be? What "exists" (maybe) is some kind of automatic, irrational, completely meaningless and impersonal happening. No one is in charge of anything, because there is no one. There's just happening without something happening. Absurd verbs without nouns. Is this nihilism? Maybe. But nihilism does not necessarily imply darkness. It can be neutral.
  2. the forum has numerous philosophical threads spread about, so why another one? notice i havnt mentioned plato or aristotle and please let's not delve into these bozos,, just kidding just kidding, just because they are probably my least 2 favorites, just slightly ahead of socrates. or did i mean that the other way around? you can of course cover them again here on this thread too,,, i may even comment on them if they show up on the thread starting off easy is eric dodson's youtube video on sartre