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Found 2 results

  1. New User Old Seeker

    Hi Dao Bums I practice meditation, energy work, healing sounds, have studied Tai Chi, QiGong, chanting, and have attended many and various workshops/conferences/retreats. I have been actively involved in spiritual seeking since the age of 13 . I like neuroscience principles (coming from books like "The Craving Mind," "Mindsight," and "Aware") to articulate Daoist principles/the Tao. In kindness, NeuroscienceAndDao
  2. Science and Enlightenment

    Recently, I became very curious about bridging science and enlightenment. So, I went through many articles, books, scientific papers etc that have addressed this subject so far and tried to create a synthesis. I put together everything in one article, citing all the sources. You can read it here: It is very long one but I hope you enjoy it.