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  1. How does your garden grow?

    Gotta start planning out my gardens. They've been piled up with 3 or 4 inches of highly caffeinated (thank you Whole foods) mulch (grass, leaves, coffee grounds), so it should be raring to go. I've been very half assed about trellising the last few years. And I've been over planting for the space. This year I'd like to go simpler; better trellising and fewer plants. I'm thinking of using PVC for the trellis. I read you can use a sulfate solution to keep the plastic from leeching (or very thick bamboo if I can find it) and also use it to water through so water ends up deeper, supposedly its more efficient and keeps away weeds down through less water on top. I'm also thinking of using 3 pieces of very wide (6") PVC for a planting project. Make a wide teepee and have one w/ cucumber growing off the top of one, and a few herbs 'plugged in' around the bottom, a shorter strawberry one; growing through cuts and a mixed variety, a flowery third as an experiment, see if I can get flowers up and down the whole thing. Below the teepee a low lying shrub tomato plant. And a bit of chicken wire mesh around the whole thing for climbing. So what are you guys planning?