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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Bums!

    Greetings. I've read the forums from time to time & found good information here in the past so decided to join proper. Have taken many ideologies from different places throughout my life and have constructed a belief system that is again in transition. Been practicing Yoga and Qigong regularly, many years of different Yoga styles, Qigong is new. Have been practicing the Spring Forest method and would like to learn more traditional methodology to have the option of weaving the two together or practicing another form. I am interested in a spiritual wellness as well as mind-body wellness. I've begun meditation over the past 2 years which really isn't a lot of time. Focusing on breath work. Have worked with TCM practitioners quite a bit over the years though my knowledge feels limited. I wish to more fully participate from a more informed mind. Am happy to read on different modalities a roots of said practices. Am interested in learning how things are connected from Taoist perspectives as have found some of my beliefs and practices here in the past. I feel the need to look deeper. Pleased to be here. Moon Yin
  2. Beginner Meditation

    Well, I have begun my meditation journey and I love the effects. I am registered for 10 day Vipassana in August (praying I get in) and they told me I have a good chance of getting in. However, Ill be going back to college after that so if I won't there will be some time before my next chance. I am realizing meditation is my path. I like how it feels and relaxes for my mind and body. I meditated in the sauna and got tk the point of barely breathing (didnt feel like I was breathing). I try to concentrate on my nose, but I was wondering: is that the best spot to focus on? I got back to the room and continued the meditation and I came across another question: is it okay for my breathing to be in sort of a 1,2 rhythm as opposed to say a 6,12 count rhythm? What does this mean? Should I nudge my breath toward being slower? I am buying "The Little Book of Meditation" tomarrow thanks to The Energy Cultivator's Handbook thread. One last question: I have a pinching pain inches under my right (and sometimes left) shoulder blade that wont seem to dissipate. Any advice or should I just continue meditating the way I have been?