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Found 5 results

  1. Hi - Just joined. Looking for others in central Florida area who might be interested in helping me to organize an event with another Floridian, LIVIA KOHN, or who just might be interested in attending a workshop in Orlando area (near Rollins College). Livia, a prolific author and retired BU professor has a lot to teach and share and her only other classes coming up are in France. I suspect everyone here already knows her, but for me it is a recent gift of the Tao. Please let me know if you might be interested in an event in the Fall, if not sooner? Feel free to email me direct, [email protected] dot com Ralph
  2. What do you think about this? Is there a definite evidence supporting this guy's claim? I've heard it from various other resources too.
  3. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    Hello. I am really interested in taoist thought, practice, and ways of living. I consider myself a student and seeker of truth, which means while I understand philosophies and their place I realize the most important part of anything is how it affects short I like practicality and to prove and experience things for myself. I've read and researched many "spiritual" philosophies and practices and would like to be able to eventually experience them all for what they can offer. I am most interested in chi right now, and to understand if what I have been feeling is the same thing as some of you...please reply if you think you can help me. Lately I have been noticing vibrating tingling like sensations mostly in my fingertips and through my hands, sometimes in other parts of my body. Incidentally as a result of focusing on these vibrations inwardly in a way they I have noticed to that wrinkles and lines have begun to form and appear on my hands that were not there before. I am worried that I am doing something harmful to myself, which sucks, because I wanted to understand chi and its healing benefits. Am I actually feeling chi? Or just nerves? Is there a difference? It's almost as if I think I am accelerating the aging of my body, and I thought meditation and feeling chi would lead me to reduce the aging of it...? Have I stumbled on the "dark side" of the force? I have never had a meditation teacher, and I have only read books on these subjects, which is why I am posting this here now. I wish there was someone in Ohio, which is where I live, who is actually able to personally help me. Please respond if any of the things I have said interest you, or if you think you may be able to help me understand some of these things. Thank you.
  4. Bagua Zhang and Longevity

    Many people who speak/write about the art of Bagua Zhang and its principle exercise, circle walking, express how these practices are excellent for longevity. Walking the circle, it is often said, is all one needs to do for health and long life. However, where is the evidence for this? Certainly, bagua zhang practioners are quite supple and strong, and notably so even into old age. There is a lot to be said for the twisting and squeezing aspects of the art and the constant focus on circular patterns. It would make sense to see this connected to longevity. But, when we look at the history of bagua zhang masters, we don't see a lot of long-lived people. With very few exceptions, the great masters of bagua zhang consistently seem to live 50, 60, or 70 years. That is, not much more than the average population. Even Dong Hai Chuan, the modern founder of the art, only lived around 85 years. Any thoughts as to why this is the case? How about contemporary bagua zhang masters? Are they living to 100 or more? 8) Dong Hai Chuan
  5. Here is a four part series I found on youtube about two years ago. Herein is some tapping and moving taoist exercises, any opinions would be great. These guys also have some great lectures on some Taoist exercises and ZZ in particular. I highly recommend this channel! However some are not in English, sadly for moi. I will own Rosetta stone for Mandarin some day, lol .