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  1. Hello

    Hi All, I've come across a couple paths and teachers over the last decade or so. I met a Taoist master and learned exercises and meditation from his Nei Gong system in 2005. I had been inspired by Yogic bliss type paths for a couple years prior to 2005. I received Shaktipat in 2007 from a Yogic Guru. I did not understand it's implications and the fact that it would conflict with doing Taoist exercises. Long story short, I've dealt with a life altering Kundalini crisis since last June. My intent for joining the group is that I feel compassion and can empathize with others who have had a Kundalini Awakening/Crisis. Perhaps my experiences could be of help to others on this thread. I'm not marketing a business, not a therapist etc. Looking Forward to Beneficial Dialogue!