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Found 7 results

  1. I have had the following daily Kriya routine for a few months: - Navi Kriya (9 cycles) - Yoni Mudra (1 time) - Kriya Pranayama (48 reps) - Mental Pranayama (maybe 10-20 minutes) Every time I do it I feel a quite strong inwards pull in my 3rd eye, sometimes strong energy activity in the area of my throat, mouth, jaw area. But couple of days a ago something very different happened for the very first time. The sensations during mental Pranayama were so strong that I thought I was really going to die, but I thought I was about to achieve some important break-through, so I surrendered and was ready to die if it happened and kept going. I felt very strong energy everywhere in my head, especially in the area of 3rd eye, face, mouth and jaw, and throat. I was really struggling to breathe. The problem with breathing was similar to if you stick your head our of the window facing the wind while driving 200 miles an hour. My heart was beating at very high rate, the reason for this might be also the enormous excitement I had at that moment. After a few minutes I moved focus from 6th and 5th chakra to 4th and then further down, and then the sensations became quickly much more bearable. Any advice on what might have happened and what should I have done in that situation? Might I have a blockage that causes dispersion of energy in my throat and facial area? Any advice would be highly appreciated, Thank You!
  2. Mixing systems

    Is it possible to combine different methods of energetic cultivation into a workable form? As of late I've been looking into kriya yoga and qigong in general. I am interested in the mind purifying facets of kriya yoga and the energetic control of qigong. Can one practice both daily without any detrimental effect? I want to combine a mind purifying practice with qigong because recently I saw an interview with the founder of spring forest qigong and he did the cough at a point when asked a question. That cough people do when they are disturbed by what someone is saying on a deep level, whether it be triggering an old negative experience or them projecting negativity outward and it bouncing back to them, etc. I did not expect to see this behavior in a master of qigong. I do not wish to pursue qigong exclusively if such mental dross is still present at such a high level of attainment. Also, an issue I'm currently facing with kriya yoga is that one must be "initiated" in order to practice within an official organization- I think it's something like being sworn in or adopting a lineage, and I am unsure of the spiritual ramifications of that so I am wary of it. Of course I would like to practice the true kriya yoga, though I fear it has been lost to time. Last thing, I was considering adding a weekly sensory deprivation chamber visit to my practice based upon what I've read about it so far. Does anyone here have any experience with them? Thank you for reading all of this I know a number of people read posts like this and dont have much to offer by means of advice or personal experience and that's okay- hope you are enjoying your day so far regardless
  3. Thought it was a very well articulated and sensible perspective on Kriya Yoga.
  4. Neigong could be said to see whole body enlightenment and immortality by purging, tonifying and regulating toward jing, qi, shen refinement and development of the energy/spirit/Immortal bodies, while Kriya could be said to focus upon raising kundalini to the crown and enlightening/escaping consciousness from the confines of the body... But, what is the consensus from a Neigong standpoint - will Kriya Yoga pull energy away from the Neigong process? Personally, I love both - but what's the poop from the bums?
  5. Hello, I am just wondering (if they exist at all) what the specific systems of practice were in Taoism and if there are any specific resources from which to learn them, books or websites that illustrate/explain the practices. I have done some searches but not come up with anything conclusive. I am aware of the existence of Neidan, Qigong, Tai Chi (I have only practices Tai Chi), but am wondering what the specifics are of such practices. Basically, I am looking into adopting a new practice or set of practices and am up for hearing any/all recommendations for books, websites, systems, or, possibly teachers/schools. You can review my previous readings/practices on the lobby. I acknowledge the effectiveness of non-dual teachings, self enquiry (Mooji, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Jeff Foster, Nisargadatta, Ramana), the direct pointing, realising what is always present, but, anxiety problems cause a lot of reactivity for me that is hard to cut through. So, I am hoping/thinking that, in addition to non-dual teachings, of starting a practice (meditation, energy work, etc) where I can hopefully cut through some of the internal noise/dissolve some of the conditioning, or re-wire my brain through a practice and the phenomena known as neuroplasticity, so I can get to a place of abiding silence and I can go deeper with my realisation and self inquiry, or simply just get to a place where I am anxiety free and happy. I am also interested in Chinese/Taoist Healing (mainly for mental health [which still has a physical cause in the brain, so should be no different from 'physical health' healing]). I hope I am posting in the right place. Best Wishes
  6. Open Source Kriya

    For the yogis and pranamayans out there, it looks like Kriya Yoga has been open sourced: Kriya Secrets Revealed by J.C. Stevens (step by step guide with pictures, I have this book) Kriya Yoga by Ennio Nimis (the free version; similar material, but much harder to read)