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  1. I just picked up a huge bag of kukicha (roasted twig tea) and I'm feeling very wealthy as a result. Tea rich. Tea chamilionaire. Tea bajillion-heir. This stuff is soooo strong and roasty! It's amazing. It gets stuck in my tea sieve due to its low quality construction of metal. I'd like to buy some nicer tea accoutrements. Maybe somebody can share some tea stuff they like. I also really like jasmine tea, but I have a really hard time brewing it consistently well. Very finicky tea. Its floral and feminine, and I like to drink it after a heavy meal or if I eat anything strong tasting to balance me out. The first problem I solved in dealing with jasmine was the water. I had always been a fan of my tap water, but I noticed in the last couple of years something just wasn't the same. This bad taste really was amplified when drinking jasmine tea. It was like drinking a cup of chlorinated water. Really nasty. So I switched to spring water. All of my tea tastes so much better with spring water. Its amazing stuff. Price per cup increased a lot too, but I highly value health, tasty water, and tasty tea so its worth it for me. If I had to use it for a whole family...that would get expensive really fast, but even then the health benefits may be higher than the health bills long term from doing this. I think the next issue with Jasmine tea is the water temp. I know theres an ideal temp and I don't have a thermometer for my kettle. Which is probably the 3rd issue. I think boiling water in a pot is really the best, and then having it boiled on gas or fire even better. I've also tried different cup materials and that has affected the taste as well. Still unsure what the best cup material is.