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  1. Is the earth hollow?

    PLEASE NOTE! My experiences in these forums over the last few years has shown me that, while the majority of the folks here are loving, open-minded people who actually questions things and think for themselves, there are a few that, for a variety of reasons, have little or nothing to contribute in a conversation. If you are someone that enjoys coming in to argue, belittle, berate, debate, debase, demean, mock, scoff, etc., I would rather you not even post in this thread. I don't go into your thread and kick things around like an older brother knocking down his younger's brother's Lego statues, and I would appreciate that, at the very least you showed me the same courtesy. Thank you. Now for those of you who like adventure, who like to explore new ideas, expand their horizons, open their minds or, at the very least, can be loving in their response even if you disagree, I am looking forward to what you have to say. We shall start with an hour long video: Another one here: Please watch at least the first video before you proceed, unless you are already well-studied in the Hollow Earth Theory. Good, now that you know about the Hollow Earth Theory, I would like you to take a few moments to think about whatever you can remember from grade school. The model we were all given, that actually is now considered false, of a burning core with magma surrounding it. I think both theories are equally valid. I say this because there is no way to prove that the earth is hollow or solid until someone either goes down there or sends down equipment which will shoot back information. That is my stance, and I have opened myself to the possibility of this theory due to something I read, before I ever looked into this. I will now quote from Ramtha, The White Book, "Those who believed firmly that the world was flat never ventured to the edge to find out differently, for they were sure it was flat. Those who believed it was round sailed around and around and around. And they were convinced that it was round. But they did not know that it is not round. It is rather squashed. It is bursting at its seams, flat- headed and flat-bottomed, and it is hollow. But those who firmly believe it is solid will never know otherwise, for they will never contemplate going inward to find out differently. That is because they are of a limited understanding, which nonetheless is still true." It was a little odd, coming into this chapter. You can read more at my blog: My spiritual path has been a little... Strange... But various teachings from channeled entities have come into my life, and I find a number of things that feel right to me. They resonate with me. However the book which constantly presents me, in almost every chapter, with something I had always known but never knew I knew, or wasn't aware, is The White Book. This whole chapter entitled, "Nothing but Truth" essentially sums up the things I have come to believe, from sources too numerous to name. I have been, in a sense, putting together my own spirituality. In any case that is why I have decided to accept the Hollow Earth theory as equally as valid as any other, because everything else I have read in this book so far clicks with me so deeply. Until I read that, I never even really thought about it. But I think my favorite two words are, "What if?" What would this mean to you, if the earth were not a perfect sphere as NASA images show you? If in fact it were squashed at the poles a little, oblong shaped, and hollow. Even beyond that, how do you feel about an entire civilization or race, or perhaps civilizations and races, living right under your feet? There is some evidence to support this theory, though the evidence itself would have to be proven. First of all what if Hitler never committed suicide and died in some bunker? What if instead he escaped underground, and lived out the rest of his life there? The Nazi's had stolen vast numbers of artwork, even something called the Amber Room, and none of these materials have ever been found. Sure they could be stashed in a cave in Europe somewhere. But what if that cave is a little larger, and a little deeper underground, than anyone has yet discovered? Maybe Hitler created a sort of palace for himself and a few others, rebuilding the amber room in it and hanging up all these paintings. Is this really too far fetched a notion to consider? It is generally considered the Nazis were looking into the Hollow Earth theory. I guess, for me, it would mean that, should I ever have the funds and be physically able, I would love to start an expedition. Maybe rent a satellite to take images all over one or both of the poles, outside of government influence. Then invest in LIDAR, find a way to maybe launch a low-orbit satellite or satellite network that could quickly and thoroughly scan everything. That should reveal any holes or hidden entrances - especially with the ocean level dropping. At the same time I would try to get this Nazi map of passages verified, and updated with modern technology. Find these passages, map things out. Use the old maps as a reference - a starting point. I think that's what I would do. What about you? Does this make you wonder, even for a moment, how many other things you have been taught since you were little were scientific fact, indisputable, and now you see that these things, which you may have regurgitated unthinkingly on others, are false. Einstein was wrong about the speed of light. It is not constant. The earth does not have a molten core surrounded by magma. Christoper Columbus did not discover America. How many other things have you been told are true that are not? How long will you continue blindly accepting what others have told you? When will you start to question things? Will you start to question things? How many other of your beliefs have you held on to and never tested? Never investigated or looked into? Maybe there is a whole lot more to reality than what you, what all of us, have been conditioned to think. Maybe the idea that the earth is hollow and inhabited is a good place to start.