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Found 3 results

  1. My copy of The Way of the Living Ghost arrived today. 👻 Stoked to dive into this one. ✨ Sean
  2. We can't wait any longer for other people to put this video up, it's too important. The conventional medical paradigm isn't working, we need a re-think - we need a new paradigm! The human energy field is REAL as is the energy field around all living things. Until we start to at least recognise who and what we are there can be little progress. This video is yet another step in the right direction. Also see our related videos on the Energy Body and Chi Energy. and With thanks to ObercronIII for the following blurb: If only all scientists were as open minded and as open hearted as Dr Harry Oldfield! With considerable joie de vivre and a fantastic playful sense of humour he unveils some of his amazing inventions and also talks about Electro Crystal therapy and the incredible properties of crystals. He goes on to detail how this technology could revolutionise both conventional and alternative healing and how he has used this technology in his own practice. There is some staggering photographic and video evidence demonstrating some of the technologies, particularly shocking is the Oldfield Camera Filter which using a normal camera appears to show ghosts or other wordly entities clearly in photographs! Truly amazing stuff! Harry, the author of 'Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe' goes on to demonstrate how through various technologies he is able to reveal aspects of this previously unseen universe in all their glory! Three decades of research into this area and considerable practical application enable Harry to present some very convincing evidence that there is far more to the Universe than that which we currently experience with the 5 senses. This mind blowing presentation, filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium is stacked with quality information. For more information on Harry and his work his website is: I have watched this twice, and a third watch is on the horizon. I also have invested in an Oldfield Filter and have taken some interesting photographs, on one photo we have what appears to be a cat - we don't have a cat ! Their are other photographs which we are puzzling over too !!! Anyway hope you enJoy the presentation, which is 1hr 30mins or thereabouts. The paranormal part begins in part 7 at 6mins 42 secs - and is brilliant. Namaste, gentlewind