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Found 2 results

  1. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    I would like to stop having wet dreams / nucturnal emissions ... and would like to hear all the ways to stop wet dreams (one way i think might help reduce it is to reduce to minimum sexual stimulation like sexual images - but that alone isnt enough i heared one about keeping your hui yin point drawn up all day (perineum area) but thats hard for me to do and i cant do it yet ... so still seeing if there are more ways to stop wet dreams ) im asking of course about wet dreams when i dont have any sex or masturbation - if someone is intrested about the reasons i want to stop having wet dreams its cause i dont want to lose jing and dont like the underwear and bed sheets getting dirty - where each reason is good enough alone to want to stop it ............. !! I dont want to disscuss here about whether or not wet dreams are good or not !! - if you think wet dreams are fine thats great (maybe i will even open another thread about that) , but thats not what im asking here - so please dont talk about it cause it will derail the thread - So please only post about ways techniques to stop (or at least reduce) wet dreams
  2. Detection of extraordinary large bio-magnetic field strength from human hand during external Qi emission It is generally accepted that more than 10(-6) gauss order magnetism was not detected in normal human condition. However, we detected 10(-3) gauss (mGauss) order bio-magnetic field strength from the palm in special persons who emitted External Qi ("Chi" or "Ki"). This detection was possible by special arranged magnetic field detection system, consisted of a pair of 2 identical coils with 80,000 turns and a high sensitivity amplifier. Each of the coils were rolled 80,000 turns accurately, and were connected in series in opposite direction, actuating as a gradiometer. We measure bio-magnetic field strength in 37 subjects with this detection system. The only 3 subjects of them exhibited strong bio-magnetic field of 2 to 4 mGauss in frequency range of 4 to 10 Hz. This magnetic field strength was greater than that of normal human bio-magnetism by 1,000 times at least. A simultaneous measurement of bio-magnetic field strength and its corresponding bio-electric current was examined in one subject. During exhibiting such strong bio-magnetism, its corresponding electric current was not detectable. Therefore, the extra-ordinary large bio-magnetic field strength can not derive from internal body current alone, hence the origin of the large bio-magnetism is still unknown. We suppose that the extraordinary large bio-magnetic field strength might be originated from "Qi" energy in the oriental medicine or in the oriental traditional philosophy.