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  1. walking chi kung

    hello to all you taobums out there! i have some questions concerning walking chi kung practices: 1. what kind of energy does the body gather while doing walking chi kung practices? 2. does the body get "addicted" to this kind of energy ("addicted" = to get used to)? 3. how often/ how long should i train walking chi kung? i practice zhan zhuang chi kung regularly (almost every day) for at least one hour up to 90 minutes per day. i really started doing walking chi kung last year. at the moment i practise walking chi kung for about one hour three or for times per week. i do exercises from the book "walking chi kung" by lam kam chuen. during the last weeks my body felt very hot inside during the training and for a short time afterwards. i have the impression that my body gets "addicted" to the energy created by the exercises and that i have to continue my practice. what do you think about it? thank you for your answers in advance!