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  1. I was wondering about strongest (or not strongest but the strongest you know of) spiritual practice you know i would like to have some "cool" out of the usual spiritual (i including feeling qi in this - seeing lights etc) that has the fastest effect - or maybe not even the fastest but that has sure effects if you do it and effects in a pretty short time ( a few months is also ok) for example is rebirthing that excericse ? 100 wall squats every day ? horse stand ? etc (Asking cause heared that if you do 100 wall squats each day it can heal all your health problems - and made me think about after trying many stuff and always feeling motivated that i dont see a difference (meditaitng for hours etc) and have a hard time to keep practicing non stop for more than a month (can do intesnse practice but not keep it more than a month without stopping) thought maybe there is some exercise that you 100% sure if you do for like tops one month you almost certainly will experience some "cool stuff" (more than just feeling more relaxed ! ) that can help motviate you further and since i dont want to be dissapointed wanted to hear about teh "Strongest" exceirses people know about that have the biggest chance to get results ** and without getting into a debate about it - im asking for all spiritual practices (spiritual can also be physical like wall squats of course) except drugs which i am not interested in trying